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July 21, 2010

People are never contented with what they have. What I don’t get is, they keep on complaining about everything and yet, they don’t do anything about it. They complain about their jobs, the company they’re working for, their salary, their house, their car, the weather, their food etc. etc. but still at the end of the day, they will not do anything to change it.

I was raised by my aunt to be grateful for whatever it is that I have in my life and to prove a point, if I ask her to buy something for me she will not give it right away. She will make me work for it and it comes as something like a price for me. It’s either I have to maintain a certain grade at school or I will have to clean the house for 1 week or anything that my creative aunt’s mind can think of. She usually keeps her promise though, because it’s not like I’m asking her to buy me a car or anything like that, it’s just normal things that a little girl would want to have (eg. New clothes, new bag, new shoes, new ballet shoes, ballet classes in Manila or a trip to Hongkong hehehe). So anyway, since then I’ve already known that I can have anything that I want for as long as I work hard to get it. I’ve never complained either because if I do, I will get spanking from my aunt. So I just came to terms with the fact that if there’s something that I don’t like or not have, just deal with it.

Anyway, life in Dubai isn’t as dandy as what the media may have instilled in your minds. It’s not a Disneyland park for all of us who are residing here. If I dare say, Dubai is the most racist place I’ve ever been to but if I will spend all my days sulking about that fact then I will lose my mind. I like it here though, sans the racism, Dubai is a great city to live in for single people. Anyway, my motto is take Dubai as it is and accept it for whatever shortcomings that it may have (a lot….) now if you don’t like it here and you can’t stop complaining about all the negative aspects of this place, then leave. Nobody’s stopping you from doing that.

It works the same thing with your job and the company that you’re working for. It irritates the crap out of me whenever I see a colleague of mine complaining about our company or his/her job. I’m sick and tired of being a travel agent and in this case, I’ve already applied for internal vacancies to different departments within our company but I am dead sure that I am not going to leave this company unless they tell me to. So yeah, I too am getting stressed out of being a travel agent, but at least I already did something about it and just waiting for any opportunities that will come my way. I’ve never complained about my work because this job which gives me the opportunity to live the life that I want to have. If only my colleagues will realize that a lot of people out there would move mountains to have our jobs then it would be lesser people for me to curse to whenever I see their complaints on their facebook status messages. Yes, we may not have the best salaries (compared to the other private companies out there) but the benefits are superb (well at least for someone who wants to see the whole world like me) which I don’t think any other companies will be able to match. So if you want the benefits then you have to sacrifice the monthly salary and if the salary is just too little for you to bear, then resign from your job. Nobody’s stopping you as well, if you can’t resign because you’re afraid that you may not find a company which will hire you (in times such as now) then just deal with it! Being employed is a privilege, not a right. If you want to give up this privilege, then by all means do so. But if you’re just all talk and complaints and you can’t keep your mouth shut from bad-mouthing the company which gives you the money to survive your miserable life, then you’re a worthless, ungrateful son of a b*tch who doesn’t deserve the job that you have. I refuse to be surrounded with such creatures so I normally delete them from my friends list on facebook. Tee hee.

I almost lost my job a few months back though (or at least I think that I might have lost it) because of my principles. It’s all because of my principles that I cannot allow other people to take me for granted. I’ve consulted the two most important people in my life (my mom and my aunt) whose opinions matter before I went ahead with guns blazing against someone from within the company who I think is not doing her job right and ultimately results to me being taken for granted. And because I was blazing my guns towards someone who’s more superior than I am, I was so worried that these principles will cost me my job – after 6 months, I’m still here (thank goodness) because I really can’t imagine my life stripped off of all the concessional travel tickets. Hehehe.

Anyway, the whole point of this blog is this: if something bothers you too much that you can’t stop yourself from complaining about it on facebook, then do something about it. If you can’t do anything then just freaking deal with it. Entiendes?


on a totally different note… the operation: Noemilicious Day 4

Breakfast: coffee
Snacks: biscuit
Lunch: Longganisa (no rice, no bread. yiiii)
Dinner: turkey bacon, arabic bread, lettuce and tomatoes (there goes my diet!)
Midnight snacks: popcorn


on another totally different note, a random thought:

“a friend as a client can be a bigger pain the ass”

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