Pub Walk: The Plough, East Sheen

The Plough, East Sheen, London, England
The Plough in East Sheen is a traditional 18th century inn founded over 200 years ago. A charming little pub with a beautiful garden in a quiet residential area.

For our pub walk a couple of Saturdays ago, the Greek Mister brought me to The Plough in East Sheen. It’s not the normal area that we go to since we prefer riverside pubs but he was quite adamant that we go there because he was sure that I’d love it for its instagrammable quality as well as its surrounding area. 

Richmond Park, London, England

So off we went one Saturday morning. We started our journey at 10am and walked through the beautiful Richmond Park. Cars weren’t allowed inside the park that day so it was peaceful and not as busy.

Richmond Park, London, England

The Greek Mister has recently taken up cycling to go to work passing through Richmond Park. So he was quite proud to show me places in the park that I’ve never been to before. “I found the spot with the best view” he said and as soon as we got there, I wanted to give him a medal because the view was truly breathtaking. Photo can’t do it justice but here it is:

Richmond Park, London, England

Richmond Park is the biggest Royal Park in London covering an area of 2,500 acres. Our apartment is very near and I’ve been here several times but even then, there are still a lot of areas of the park that I haven’t seen yet. It’s that massive.

Richmond Park, London, England

The park has a protected status and it is of national and international importance for wildlife conservation. Access to it is free of course so you can go there as much as you want to discover all of its nooks and crannies. 

Richmond Park, London, England

The entire walk from our apartment through Richmond Park took us about 2 hours to complete but maybe it would be shorter if I wasn’t taking too many photos. Lol. But the thing is, it’s impossible not to take photos in Richmond Park no matter how many times you’ve been.

Richmond Park, London, England

We exited through the East Sheen Gate and from there, we found some of the biggest houses in London I guess. The house very near to Richmond Park’s gate is currently on sale, I checked how much they’re selling it for online and found that it’s priced at £1,750,000. Maybe when we win the lottery? Lol.

East Sheen, London, England

The Plough isn’t far from the East Sheen Gate of Richmond, I would say it took us about 25 minutes to reach it but just the same, it would’ve been shorter if I wasn’t taking photos of the pretty houses that we passed by. 🙂 

The Plough, East Sheen, London, England

As soon as we reached The Plough, I wanted to give another medal to The Greek Mister – he really did well because this is definitely one of the most charming pubs we’ve been. I think more than the pub itself, it’s the surroundings that it’s in which made it all the more lovely. It’s in the middle of an upscale residential area with pretty houses around and their pub garden is just as cute.

The Plough, East Sheen, London, England

My only concern was, I don’t think they were too strict with their covid-19 protocols. It’s the only pub that I’ve visited so far that didn’t have its own Track and Trace app, all they really had was a notice by the door to send them a blank email which I’m pretty sure nobody did. They did however sanitize the tables as soon as diners leave before allowing new ones sit on it.

The Plough, East Sheen, London, England

We had a light lunch whilst there – I had an oriental duck wrap which was surprisingly so good! I didn’t expect them to whip up something so delicious from their kitchen. It had a very Asian flavour that duck wrap with the spring onions, bean sprouts and plum sauce. I’d definitely order that again. 

The Plough, East Sheen, London, England

The Greek Mister had a chicken & bacon wrap which according to him was also good. We also shared a bowl of french fries. It was a nice and light lunch – I’ll definitely order a proper main course from them next time.

The Plough, East Sheen, London, England

I have to say that the Greek Mister knows me too well now – the Richmond Park walk to see the best view according to him, the pretty houses of East Sheen as well as the charm of The Plough were all my cup of tea! I should definitely give him medals after this. 🙂

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The Plough, East Sheen, London, England

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  • Reply vinneve August 7, 2020 at 11:07

    A very nice place to go to. The best is spending time with your loved ones too.

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