the pilot’s last flight….

Hey beautiful,
Well I’m off tonight and starting a new adventure. No surprise to you, you know I enjoyed your company every single time especially your grace, composure, humour and absolute dorkiness. Fortunately I am literate and read the writing on the wall and tired of getting burned (so I come back for more? lol) Regardless, I’d like to stay in touch and time will tell. I hope you paint Dubai red, finally find the guy your looking for (stay away from idiots)and enjoy life to the fullest.
In my thoughts,
The Pilot


I was deeply saddened upon receiving that message from the pilot. Note to all, that was just a quick note from him, you should all try reading his letters which he composed while in the middle of a meeting with his CFO.

So he’s leaving now, embarking a new journey to a greener (sandier?) pasture. I hate it when people leave. I feel like I’m always being left behind. I’m such a drama queen I know, I worked at the airport in the Philippines before and i would turn my face away from people bidding their last farewells to their loved ones who were about to leave the country. I just hate seeing people saying goodbyes much more if it’s being said to me.

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the pilot for all the wonderful times (lost or not) together around Dubai. For the benefit of all, he got the name “pilot” for one reason and one reason alone. He’s very very bad with directions. If you all think I’m bad at it, wait till you meet him. But for some inexplicable reasons, we always end up at the right location at the exact time that we’re supposed to be at – well, what can i say? The pilot’s made of pure luck. He may have a very short temper to the drivers of Dubai but when it comes to being lost, he is incredibly calm, serene and peaceful.

Why i like him? He never lets me pay. Hahaha! He will wreck havoc if you did as little as lifting the bill out of the little black book – even if you’re just pretending that you’re going to pay for dinner. He’ll be all swollen red if you try to take the bill out of his hand – like the hulk, in red color.

A true gentleman, whenever I’m with him – chivalry is not dead, it’s living inside the persona of the pilot. He would open the car door for you, pull the chair out for you, offer his elbow for you to hold on to as you go down/up a flight of stairs. Most of the time he catches me off guard – in my mind I’d say – what the f???, but I learned how to enjoy being treated differently. Like a princess, which is what he calls me.

So thanks to the pilot for if not for him, I wouldn’t have seen Carlos Santana live.
Thanks to the pilot for he made my dream come true, witness Bolshoi Ballet perform Swan Lake on stage.
Thanks to the pilot for he showed me the life under the sea.
Thanks to the pilot for all the dinners we’ve had. From the cheesiest and classiest place like the Pier Chic down to the best burgers in town – Hardee’s.
Thanks to the pilot for all the weekday drinking sprees even if we both have to work the next day. Not really putting in mind that he needs to drive back to RAK from Dubai after the drinking spree.
Thanks to the pilot for offering his help when i was planning my Euro vacation. If not for him, that vacation wouldn’t have pushed thru. Mind you all, I didn’t ask for his help – he gladly offered and called me a dork for not even letting him know that I was planning it.
Thanks to the pilot for practically giving me a tour of the whole of UAE. Since I met him, I was able to explore the places I didn’t even know existed. Together, we found out that living in UAE is not so bad after all.
Thanks to the pilot and the crazy mind games during the long drive from sheikh zayed to my place.

I have a lot of other things to thank the pilot for, but it all goes down to two things – he treated me well and we had a blast exploring dubai.

So as you go on your way, here’s to the pilot – you will definitely miss me, your favorite girl. Give me a call as soon as you get down here for your dose of alcohol and regards to your girlfriend. Prove it to me then that long distance relationship does work. I remain a pessimist on that note unless proven otherwise by you and your girlfriend. :p

Marlboro lights, anyone?????


The Princess


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