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I am nearing my 2nd month stay here in Dubai and I must say I am impressed with the place. Being away from my family was never a hard deal for me to get through, not that am not missing themI do of course, but it was so much easier for me since I have been living on my own for the past 8 years. I am very used to communicating with my loved ones thru the internet/phone calls and text messages since I’ve been doing that almost all of my life with my mom and sisters who are all living in the US. So contrary to what every expats suffered when they first started out in a foreign land, it never gave me a hard time.

I am enjoying this newly found home. Dubai is so much different from where I came frombig difference. The place is growing so fasteconomy is booming, roadworks and infrastructures are being built all over the place. The whole of Dubai is currently under constructionbeautiful constructions going on. Towering buildings of Sheikh Zayed road is so much better than the buildings you can see in Makatithe Philippines’ prime business district. I have never seen so many buildings, each with different and unique architectural designs. Shallow huh? Hehehe. Just by seeing these infrastructures, I clearly can tell that I am in a totally different side of the world and I am not in a godforsaken third world country anymore. But despite being here in a prosperous placein my heart and in my mind there will never be a place like the Philippines.

I am a Filipino and I am proud to be one. Maybe people here really doesn’t care about the place where I came from but wait till they see our place. Nothing beats what our country has to offerof course that doesn’t include the government and its corrupt and rotten officials, the people who will never be at peace with their own countrymen, the rallies… just omit all of those things and I bet people from all over the world would love to come and see what beauty our country has to offer. Last week, we went to Jebel Hafeet, a park in Al Ain which is 2 hours away from Dubai. It was nice, they’ve got a place there where you can have a very nice view of Dubai. The park has a lot of activities to offer, mini train, pools, etc. etc. But all these are manmade and it made me realize how Philippines is blessed with better sceneries and tourist spots.

Where else can you find an enigmatic beauty which can leave you in awe like the Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao province or the Chocolate Hills of Bohol? Where else can you experience the serenity of a place called Tagaytay in Cavite? How many places can give you that feeling of traveling back in time like what you would feel when you go to Calle Crisologo of Vigan in Ilocos? The beauty of Hidden Valley in Alaminos is a sight to behold. Where else can you feel the warmth and welcoming hospitality like the ones they give you in Cebu? Mayon Volcano’s perfect cone is one in a million. The adrenaline rush of white water rafting in Cagayan and the rapids of Pagsanjan Falls are to die for. Well, these are just some of the beautiful places in the Philippines and there’s nothing like these in any other country. Too bad the government is too busy doing impeachment cases against all of those officials in the government. Nevertheless, I still love where I came from and will always be proud of itscrew the government and its rotten officials. J


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