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January 17, 2009

I have been silent and have been keeping my mouth shut about the things that happened for the past couple of days. Just didn’t want to make anything worst than it already is. all’s well now and really don’t care anymore, just want to break the silence and air out my concerns. it involved gavin and a girl (dejavu???). This is not the first time it happened in fact am already used to it, a girl who i didn’t know existed will suddenly come out of nowhere trying to ruin everything for me. but after all of it, gavin will still be there for me telling me that am one of the few good friends he’s got here that he could not afford to lose. screw everybody else, just not me. well, am honored and cursed both at the same time. honored ‘coz am that special (haha!) cursed because sooner or later, i bet that another girl will be acting all crazy and jealous towards me. so thought to myself if it was all worth it to go through again, but realized that he’s been a good person to me too. so ok, i’ll be a friend for as long as you want me to… just steer yourself away from crazy/jealous/possesive girls.

just to lay down my cards, gavin is a good friend of mine, have been since i came here to dubai.  one of the people who keeps me sane and have gained my respect. he’s a good person to be friends with. so anyway.. to all the ex girls, i didn’t mean to ruin what you have with him. you did it all to yourselves and i have nothing at all to do with it. hating me won’t make you better than me, so just drop all your grudge against me ‘coz it will never change a thing. i won’t be able to stop you all from checking my myspace/friendster and blogsites since i know that after all those, you will all be curious about me. i don’t care if you and your friends are laughing at me now agreeing amongst yourselves that you’re all prettier than i am or that it’s not your loss it’s his. i think if somebody actually did a let’s-all-hate-noemi club, you’ll probably have a lot of members just with gavin’s girls alone. hahaha. but well, i really don’t care and i would not blame you if you hate me… my life becomes more exciting because of all of you, knowing that i can piss you off by doing nothing is enough for me to know that my existence here on earth is too important for all of you that you should all waste your time on me. thanks! at least i know that am all worth your time and criticisms. i’ll take all of it. if that’s what it takes for me to get to keep a friend.

enough of that, on a different but somewhat-related note – chubby went for vacation. bummer! now i have noone to bother during my boring times at the office. :p he called me up at 8 in the freaking morning during his flight and just when am trying to sleep through the alcohol i consumed the previous night, just to wake me up and ruin my sleep – to which he was succesful of doing, was no longer able to get back to sleep. he’ll be back after 2 weeks… so ’till then, have to deal with the boring times at the office alone.

on a totally different note – i am happy! the year started out great for me and my friends. well somebody just told me that he wants to spend “forever” with me. :p is this it???? i hope so! but either ways, i will not disclose the identity of my “forever guy” until… well, until the time is right. don’t want to get this all jinxed up once again, am trying to make everything right this time around. but am happy! absolutely! i love 2009….. will it be 09-09-09 then? haha! we’ll see how this goes, i am doing everything i can to keep myself lull and not talk about it that much since….. well, i can’t talk about it. all i can say is – am happy.

i have not seen my girls for 2 weeks now, ‘coz one,  i got no money to spend, am literally broke now and my atm card was captured by the freaking atm machine and the bank will not be able to give me a new one till after 3-4 working days. talk about bad luck. second, they’re always on a date. which is fine with me and happy for them too. but seriously, i need to meet them up for one of our drinking sessions and to keep up with what’s happening to each and everyone of us. so anyway, to all the girls here in dubai – 3 girls are calling it quits and would not be joining the dating arena until further notice (i hope would never go on that arena ever again :p yes, am feeling lucky), so spread the word. hah! 🙂

isn’t it weird that just when somebody told me that am worth spending his “forever” with, almost all of the assholes i’ve dated are slowly creeping their way back to me. wtf???? cross-eyed, pretty boy and busy bee just to name a few. just when am totally over all of them and those who i have not heard from for a very loooooong time, they came back. just like that! and are expecting me to be available after all these times???? not that am complaining but it’s too late. you all had your chances and i have gotten over all of you. now am happy, so leave me alone.

spent one day with my good friend honeypie 2 weeks back. well actually, i invited myself for lunch and demanded them to cook adobo since am coming over. :p well, it’s good to catch up with her again and am always fascinated to hear about the latest gossips inside my former-workplace, where employees are politicking (made up that word) with each other non-stop. she keeps my hopes up as well that our company will not (yet) go through what most of the companies are now going through – retrenchment, since there were still lots of new joiners coming into our head office every other week. so deep breathes for me, am still safe and i have to keep myself safe. i could not afford to lose this job that i love (even if it sometimes bore me specially on a lean season like now), but i love this job. have been a travel agent for the past 5 years now (and hopefully to be counting more years). i don’t know anything else to do but make reservations on any travel-related products and i think am doing pretty good at it. or so i want to believe. :p but anyway, not sure if i can do admin stuff since it bored me like hell when i was still working for the visa section of our company during my first few months here in dubai which required me to do mostly administrative works.  i wanted to rip my stomach open and sew it back together just to kill the boredom of the mediocre work that i do everyday. i hate repetitions, i get bored easily when i keep on doing the same things everyday. as a travel agent, i meet different kinds of people (some of them recognizing me from myspace haha) with different travel needs that i have to deal with. and it’s always a good thing to make a reservation to places i have never heard of. :p and getting ideas from these passengers on where my next vacation will be is one of the perks of being a travel agent.

it’s freaking cold now here in dubai. alright, cowboy might tell me once again that this weather is not cold – but hey! can you blame me? i came from a tropical country, so this weather is definitely cold for me.

alex is getting married, yay! but i already said that on my previous blog. anyway, am arranging their honeymoon for them. yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….. i think am more excited about it than alex, who by the way is on a plane headed to dubai to do some more work in the middle east and europe. workaholic at its finest.

anyway, i think already covered almost everything up. just a point to remember – I AM FREAKINGLY HAPPY!!!!!!

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