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The one you love VS the one who loves you.

March 11, 2009

– will not value all the things that you do for him/her.
– will take you for granted.
– will never appreciate you
– will only call on you when they need something from you
– will never care for you like you care for them
– will hurt you and will never ever mind
– but you’ll be willing to do all these things ‘coz you love him/her and that’s all that matters. at the end of it all, the result will be an unrequitted love. some call them a martyr but i say – stupid. :p harsh? sorry but reality bites. :p

The One Who Loves You
– will always find time to spend with you
– will always look after you
– will value you so much that he/she would not do anything which he/she knows will hurt or disappoint you
– will always try to make you happy
– will always be there for you no matter what
– will value everything that you do for them
– will love you unconditionally
– but he/she’s not the one you love…. 🙁

take your pick.

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