The One About Our First Day In LA

cityscape view of Los Angeles
Flowerless garden, sweating like there's no tomorrow, puppy lovin and creating memes out of expensive art. You know, just the usual.

I’m not the biggest fan of LA then and I’m not the biggest fan of it now. I don’t know, it’s just really chaotic. There’s traffic no matter what time of the day or day of the week it is. It’s hot and humid which drains my energy, sanity and will to live. I’m sure there’s more to LA than what I’ve seen but with that heat, I’m not keen on exploring more of it. I’m not a big city fan anyway so I guess that also adds up to my dislike of this city. I met so many other people who isn’t a fan of LA so I guess I’m not the only weird one.

Anyway, after our Filipino breakfast (which consisted of bread and longganisa) and having some quality time with my Aunt’s puppies – we drove to Descanso Gardens which was a huge waste of time and money. Having lived in London for three years now, the dry and bare gardens of Descanso during the summertime was such a huge disappointment since I’ve seen parks and gardens in London for free way better than Descanso’s. I’m sure it’s better when it’s not as hot and humid but during the peak summer season, I suggest you skip it.

Japanese Garden in Descanso Gardens, Los Angeles, California
The only part I liked in Descanso Gardens.

Then we went to Getty Museum which was nice, most specially because it was air-conditioned and offered respite to our sweaty and sticky bodies. Lol. Now I won’t pretend to know anything about art but I do like impressionist art specifically Monet’s and Renoir’s. There were quite a few of theirs displayed at the museum which I enjoyed looking at. I also liked looking at portraits so I can do this:

I know, childish right? Very uncultured.

I also loved the garden in Getty Museum, if I had known that Descanso Gardens would look like that I should have suggested to go straight to Getty instead.

Garden at Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California
Definitely a much better garden than Descanso and this one’s free!

We went back to my Aunt’s home afterwards because my nephew was getting cranky. I can’t blame him because I was nearing my cranky mood as well due to the heat. We had some more puppy time before going to a Filipino restaurant which wasn’t so good. The dishes were a hit and miss but more on miss. The Greek Mister said that my “nilaga” was better than theirs. I agree. 

We were supposed to go to Griffith Park afterwards for the cityscape view at night but there was a concert at the time and traffic on the way there was heavier than normal so we decided to enjoy the cityscape view from my Aunt’s house instead.

Los Angeles Nightscape

We didn’t really do much because seriously, the humidity was too much for me. I couldn’t function well! Maybe I should go back to LA during winter time so I can explore it properly?


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  • Redd September 18, 2019 at 18:07

    California has seasons and never really extreme in any time. If you think this was humid don’t ever go to Texas , Hawaii, or the Philippines if humidity bothered you dearly. In contrast many go to London and complain how it’s always gloomy and dreary. That’s one of the perks of CA is how much sunny days they have throughout the year. I would imagine more people would pick more sunny days then gloomy dreary rainy days.

    • Pinay Flying High September 21, 2019 at 10:40

      Some people like warm weather, some people like cold weather. I’m one of the weird ones who prefer the latter, possibly because I grew up in the Philippines and lived in the Middle East for a decade that I got sick and tired of the heat and humidity. 😉

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