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The nights when I lost the title of “dancing queen”

May 13, 2008

Back in the good ol’ days in the Philippines, working as a travel agent by day and out painting the town red almost every night. And not just my town, it also includes the neighboring towns and also those places which requires an hour plane ride. I was all over the country, so to speak. Taking the last flight out of Manila with the budget airline going to Cebu, party all night in Cebu then take the second flight out of Cebu going back to Manila the next day. And go straight to work. Hence, the name “hyperchick” tagged solely to me. (Party animal is already tagged to one of my Australian friend who will travel across the world just to attend a party :p, Hi Mica!).

What do we do during these parties? Drink and dance for me. Moderate drinking specially if I have to work the next day, but really give it all out when it comes to dancing. Well, I can say that am pretty good at it. There is club in Manila called “Clubbers” located in the party-district of the city – Malate. We’re usually there every Wednesday for the ladies’ night, for the free drinks and something else as well – their Booty Shaking competition. Ladies will go on the stage and shake their booty as the crowd cheers on them. There will be a competition every Wednesday night and the winners will then compete for the monthly competition held during the last Friday of the month. (if i do remember it correctly). And yes, yours truly joined the contest. Won twice but never made it back to their monthly competition. Haha! Since then, I was known to my friends as the “hyperchick/dancing queen”.

When I came here to Dubai, still held the title. Just after a month of joining the company, there was the Oktoberfest party thrown by one of the airlines. We attended the event and guess who was called the dancing queen again after the¬†party – yours truly. With just the right amount of alcohol and enough support from my friends, I’ll definitely take the floor.

I was happy and contented with the title – the dancing queen, thought I’ll own the title and bring it to my grave with me when I die.

Until this weekend……. The crown was abruptly taken away from me by two guys!!!!! WTF???? Guys!!!! It’s already unacceptable that it should be taken away from me by a girl, but a guy???? It’ll be a slap on my face. And it really was.

Thursday night, I went to Zinc. Met some people including a guy who dance perfectly well on salsa. Hands down, better than I do. I hate to admit it, but he is. I felt like an amateur 5yr old starting to learn how to walk when dancing beside him. Appalled by his moves, curious if he was gay. Haha! Well, he’s straight. Very straight as what he claims to be – I do believe him though. Out of the dancefloor, he’s perfectly normal. No signs of gay-ness. Haha. So yeah, I had to give up my crown that night.

Friday night was even demoralizing for me. I was de-crowned from my title by no other than the Chubby guy. Well, he can dance (but sorry to bust your bubble chubby, not enough to give you the title of the dancing king hehe) but the unbelievable thing is, he claimed that my dancing ability is just “fine”. Not enough to jolt him to reality and tell me “wow noemi, you’re such a good dancer….. very good indeed….”

Such a bad weekend for me, I now have to take a serious reconsideration of taking dance classes. Any dance class that I can get myself into. I need to improve my dancing skills, am already a bit rusty. And it calls for a lot of attention from me. Who cares if am already dying from this damn cough, colds and fever? I can’t dance anymore!!!! Wasn’t even able to impress Chubby… So, I’d rather die holding the title, practicing my moves now….

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