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the night when the gods and goddesses roamed around earth

October 24, 2008

Ethereal night ladies and gentlemen. Ethereal. I was out of breathe the whole night as there were just too many guys there who took my breathe away. (the last line’s just so cheesy).

Anyway, we went to Barasti after the birthday party we attended at Barsha. It was my first time to attend a filipino birthday party in all its glory here in dubai. Videoke and charade games. haha! i enjoyed it nonetheless. and such an honor to meet one of my blog reader at the party – ate des. ahaha! before handing me the cold soda she asked if it’s fine for my throat, i said yes and glad to know that she’s updated with what’s going on with me. i thought mona might have said it to her and then she replied – “of course, am a blog reader!”

so, a special greeting to the ultra hot, sexy and sultry ate Des who’s one of the goddeses who graced the earth that night. hah! hi ate Des! :p

so then, went on to barasti which was a couple’s night. on the way there we came across 3 guys from the where santa claus dwell and begged us to go with them so they can get in. we also need them anyway so yeah! fine by us, but as soon as we managed to get into the bar without much hassle we bid farewell to them. or so we thought.

10 steps inside it, i swore i heard a choir sing in unison “hallelujah!” hahaha. right, so am exaggerating but the place was packed with goodlooking people. and because we chose to be there that night, we were counted as one of them. YAY! good choice! so yes, it’s official. Barasti is the best bar in the whole world (that’s according to a survey and we do agree with the survey). Good music, goodlooking people, the place is not very cramped plus it’s on the beach so you can opt to just sit on those rattan benches scattered around the sandy area and view the heavenly apparition from afar – which was exactly what we did. At 3am, we went to Zaatar, the only fastfood chain open at that unholy hour. It was packed and i almost got into a word fight with an obnoxious and self-centered bitch who’s just being such a brat and cut thru the line. She was about 4 more inches taller than i am and was flanked with another girl who i think would really get herself into a fist fight should the need arise, so…… i had to be careful of the words that i will say – to avoid casualties. as i know i’ll be on the losing end. hah!

anyhow, the night was a very good one. by 2am, i have mentally moved in to our  al qouz company accomodation so i’ll be nearer to these heavenly places and would not take the dreaded cab rides which will cost me a lot. so yes, am moving to al qouz. SOON.

hah! right…… am going to the company party tonight… it should be great as well.

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