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The New Year’s Resolution

January 6, 2012

Seriously now, I am going to put both my feet on the ground and say that for this year – I will try to save up more. My financial statements aren’t really a sight to see so I want to make that better. Right now, I’m kinda broke as I just sent a “Christmas” gift for my family back home so I’m trying to live under a AED20 per day budget just to get by. I will try my very best to not take any money out of the savings account. May God help me.

As for my itchy feet, I’ll try my very best to just travel twice this year. One somewhere in Asia and one in Europe. Hey! I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep this job and enjoy the benefits so might as well make the most out of it right? But of course, still keeping in mind about my New Year’s resolution of saving up. So unlike the 5 countries visited last year, let’s keep it low for this year and make it just 2.

Where to go in Asia?

We’re planning to go to Vietnam (Halong Bay) for this year but for sure I’ll have to throw the Philippines during this trip at some point as my family “might” be missing me already. I say “might” because I don’t think they do as it’s only my aunt who checks on me every so often. Hehehe. So yeah, maybe Vietnam or Cambodia. Somewhere where I can spend less. What do you think?

As for Europe, I’m very much inclined to go to Ibiza, Spain and have an all-nighter party there – though I don’t drink anymore (hopefully until that time I’m still keeping my alcohol-free mentality) but the beach would be nice there. Going back to Greece and to visit Mykonos this time is another option, we’ll see about that. I also want to visit the Czech Republic and Budapest. To live up to my resolution of saving up more, I might go there during the low season and freeze my bum to death. Ibiza on winter? Bring it on! Only the crazy ones dare to do that, I suspect.

I still have a pending invitation to visit someone in Australia but I haven’t applied for an Australian visa before so not really sure if I’ll push through with it. But that would be great if it will as I will have free accommodation, meals, transportation and tours while there. Yeehaw! The only problem then is I don’t think I can survive a 14-hour flight.

Any suggestions where I should go? Or better yet, do you have travel plans for 2012 that I can copy? 🙂

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