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April 1, 2011

So I haven’t been blogging lately as there’s something bothering me too much, too much that I couldn’t function well – moving houses. I just hate that son of a b*tch right there. If given a chance that someone will do all these things for me and in return I’ll have to undergo waxing on a certain part of my body for every box that that someone will fill up – I would have probably waxed all the hair that you could possibly find on my body, including the hair on top of my head. Knowing that I hate waxing too, but I hate moving houses more. Seriously! I hate packing up my things, shifting it to the new house and then unpacking and organizing all those crap again in the new house. Why has noone ever invented doing this task easier? I don’t know, at the top of my head – things that could teleport itself would be perfect! Now you see it, now you don’t. It would be nice to have David Copperfield as your boyfriend right? That guy, could teleport the statue of liberty which is much bigger than my bed. I am THISCLOSE to getting a lighter and burning all those things up so that I don’t have to worry about shifting it from one place to another, why do I have so many crap anyways? As I was packing up, I’ve seen a lot of clothes that I’ve barely even used but the thought of “A certain event might come up and this dress would be a perfect fit for it.” always comes up. So off it goes to the third box full of crap.

Why do you move houses too much when you hate doing it? That question might be lingering in your mind right now specially if you’ve known me since I’ve moved here to Dubai and have been a witness of this masochistic act that I’ve done to myself 3 times within the 3 years and 5 months that I’ve been here – well, I’ve asked that question too. So many times. And here is the answer, for the last house that I was living in – I just couldn’t take the filth of my flatmates anymore. For the full details of their filthy lives, please CLICK HERE. So I was thinking then, it’s either I put up with the disgusting state of our horrendous kitchen and bathroom for as long as I can OR I put up with packing all my crap up and move to a much nicer and cleaner house? The latter sounded more promising. So with herculian efforts that only I could manage, I packed my things against my will. It’s like someone is pointing a gun at me as I go about packing with tears in my eyes.

I asked the supervisor to let me go earlier last Thursday and she said yes (thank you Ms. Supervisor) and when I got home, I just sat on my bed, staring at my closet like an idiot for about 30mins. I was trying to teleport my things but it didn’t work. At least I tried right? Anyway, at around 5pm I called up Muhammad – my house shifter guy and started the painful process of shifting. It’s a good thing that the new house is just about 5 blocks away so they charged me pretty cheap on it. He initially charged AED120 over the phone but and he changed his mind and said that he’ll just charge me AED100 considering that I just have the bed, the TV stand and a small dresser as the bulky things. But because I have a kind and big heart specially to people who are nice to me and have done a good job, I paid AED200. Well, an extra 50 bucks for both of them who are probably earning so much less than what I’m earning per day couldn’t hurt me right? They have done a perfect job for me and they were actually very nice as well. It took them 4 hours to finish everything (including disassembling and assembling the bed which pretty much took most of their time).

So without further ado, I give you the photo of my newly rented room:

i’m happy! 🙂

excuse the clutter, still in the proces of deciding where to put all the unnecessary crap around the room

The kitchen and bathroom are both pristine clean (there is a stay at home nanny who keeps the place in pristine condition) and most importantly, the owner is great! So it was my first night here last night and when I woke up this morning, there was a post-it note on the bathroom door which said:

“Good morning Noemi! I hope you had a good sleep. We just went to the beach for coffee. Feel free to use anything you need in the kitchen. I left your key on the table. See you later.”

Now, that’s a totally different post-it message I got from the previous flatmates. Hehehe. Well, I sure as hell hope that this would be the last house shifting that I’m going to do for the rest of my life here in Dubai. Unless of course I get promoted and could afford to live in a 3bedroom villa at the Palm Jumeirah.


I had a bad whole body ache the next day, I have pain reliever cream spread all over my body right now. BOOYAH!
For all of your house shifting needs, this is Muhammad’s number: 0506761629. He speaks English fairly well. 🙂

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