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The mothers’ day entry.

May 7, 2011

I was with the boyfriend and his friend last night spending Friday night (or what’s left of it) over a few glasses of beer, sisig (which the boyfriend’s friend didn’t like because he’s a lightweight when it comes to pork liver) and crispy pata (which the boyfriend’s friend indulged on). And for some reason, the topic went from the kind of legs men want to have in a woman to my family history.

For most of the people who know me for a long time now would know, I have a very interesting life story which deserves a whole segment with Oprah or better yet, Maalaala Mo Kaya (that TV show in the Philippines which makes all the Filipino drama kings and queens cry). But then again, I’m not really a drama queen (contrary to what you might have heard) and for what it’s worth, I think it all worked out for the betterment of myself. You see, my mother (the biological one) left (for work) when I was only 8 years old and the next time I saw her was after 18 years when I brought her here in Dubai. The first question that I usually get when a new pair of ears is listening to this story is: so how’s your relationship with your mother? and my reply will always be in the lines of: What do you mean? Of course I’m very close to her. The distance is just a number, my mother may be miles and continents away from where I am but there is nothing that a phone call or email can’t bring closer together. Of course it would have been better if we’re physically with each other but it’s all about setting your mind that someone in the other side of the planet has the greatest love for you that noone else can offer.

Luckily, while my mother is away someone is there for me with her presence right by my side giving me the same unconditional love a mother can offer – my aunt. I wouldn’t say that she’s a substitute for my mother, because noone can ever replace my mother. I wouldn’t say that she was left with no choice but to take care of me because she loved me like a real mother would. I’d say that she is, also my mother. She may not have gone thru the pains of being in labor before bringing forth a wonderful child (that’s me! :)) to this world but she’s gone thru the pains of raising, disciplining (eh?) and providing for another human being which I think requires an immeasurable love for you to be able to do that right. Well she did great, I just became a really hard-headed person thru time and none of which was her fault. It’s just me, being stubborn and maybe the nature of work that I’m currently in. Haha!

So yes, I have two mothers and I’d say that I’m very lucky to have them both. I have never questioned my real mother why she left when I was a kid because as far as I’m concerned she never really neglected me though we’re miles apart. I have also never doubted if my aunt really do love me whenever I receive some spanking from her (yes, Filipinos spank their kids and I probably would too if I ever have one :)) because well seriously, I deserved those. Haha!

So to my two mothers who are both in the US of A right now, Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for trying to mold a better person in me and I’m so sorry if at times you feel like you weren’t successful. It’s not your fault, that’s my own doing. 🙂 Nevertheless, I hope you both know that I’m trying very hard to be the person that you want me to be: FANTASTIC! hehe. I love you both!!!!! MMMMMWAH!



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