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November 14, 2008

as expected i had a real bad day. as previously mentioned, got an angry text message from someone which ruined it altogether. the result was a rampage of ramblings to the person who will tolerate it all – alex, who at first found it amusing that another girl is out to get me for the same reason as when his own girlfriend used to hate me. but now, am their little adopted girl who they dote on. anyway, so alex found it amusing that i have another girl hating me and he was literally laughing his ass off while i ramble away. a bit pissed by it but later found it rather amusing as well. and he, together with mona – told me to not dwell so much on it as i may probably be used to it by now. and never talk back at the height of my emotions – which i gladly did and for the first time, i was calm at airing out my side. :p

few hours after i have posted the previous blog, got calls/emails from friends all over the world to somehow share this amusing story of mine. so in an instant, am the famous girl to hate by girls. am wondering now how i managed to get such assholes as friends???? but i have received more interesting comments from the queer friends that i have. combine these assholes altogether with their interesting comments of what happened – gave me a reason to smile. but the best i have received came from the queer queen himself – christian, who says:

noemidear, you’re a brilliant girl who can get along with just anybody. people who doesn’t know you hate you because you are, you have and you can. and it’s not your fault dear, the only downside about being you is that you have a flat chest. other than that, you are tolerable.

clap! clap! clap! thanks christian, why don’t you rub it in even more that i have a flat chest?

anyhow, at work earlier i had a very close encounter with yet another discussion with an arrogant passenger. the guy’s buying a jazeera airways ticket and he thinks he bought the whole of dubai. dude!!!! we don’t even count jazeera airways as our source of income. so don’t think that just because you are an architect you are more important than other people. it doesn’t really make much of a difference if you’re not in the least humble enough to accept the fact that a budget airline won’t waive off their excess baggage fee for you.

after work, i badly needed a drink so i went to the new haven called barasti with denden and ketty. met some few good people including a mother and son who were just so hilarious. we got invited to an after-party again but opted to go to that fast food chain and gobble up 3 slices (for me) of pepperoni pizza with a pepsi. yum yum.

all in all, i still had a great day. so great that i had to blog about it at 5 30 in the morning. talk about insomnia. and oh! i have just received an email from denden, for sure those are the photos from tonight. hah! talk about addiction.

good night UAE…… zzzzzzz land for me.

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