The making of….. errrrr….. no title yet.

So, I have just started the choreography of the show that we’ll be having this year. I am under a lot of time pressure already, so first I thought of making a showcase of OPM hits. But decided against it. After the very huge success of our show last year, I can’t possibly risk to flop it down to a variety show of some sort. After all the broadway hits that were sung last year, I just can’t let our patrons lower down their expectation on us.

A tentative plot that i have in mind: a group of children with very wild and vivid imagination were brought to the wonderful world of fantaseryes. They meet the Pinoy superheroes and heroines. Of course the adventure starts when they come face to face with the villains and with the help of these superheroes, they will be able to kick those bad asses. Corny, but kids will definitely buy that story. The show is for the kids anyway. Panday, Darna, Captain Barbell, Pedro Penduko and the likes will grace the stage on this show. There will be a lot of singing, dancing and acting just like last year. Of course, the songs which will be sung are the theme songs of each fantaseryes.

Two Saturdays ago, I have just conducted an audition for this year’s show. Not knowing yet what show to produce, I just went on and chose from all those hopeful children the best dancers, actors and singers. A lot of chidren showed up during the audition, some of them have the support of their stage mothers and fathers as well hehehe.

Started the ballet training last week and in lieu with this, I am very proud to say that we already have a barre. Woo hoo! So again, I was mesmerized by the talents of this hopeful ballerinas and ballerinos. I have 3 classes with about 20-30 students each. On the same day, I was also able to finish up one song for the show, POSIBLE by RIVERMAYA. One down, a dozen to go. hehehe. Anyways, for those people who supported my show last year, I hope to see you again this December. Keep yourselves updated!


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