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The lost pride…

August 12, 2008

I went to the consulate of the Philippines earlier to renew my passport. Process took a long time though there were not much people there. They’re understaffed I think – well if 2 guys are working to encode the details of your passport application on the system with about 30 irritated people in line in front of you is not called “understaffed” then tell me what is.

Had to get myself the new passport, the machine readable one before my old one expires next year. My photo was rejected thrice ‘coz as per the photographer – my smile is not acceptable. I smile too much they say. Ha Ha Ha! It was humiliating enough to have your picture taken in front of a lot of people, much more having someone tell you that i can’t look too happy on my passport photo. i need to have the Mona Lisa smile – prim, proper and toothless smirk. for no reason at all, i could not do it earlier. so the  photographer had  to take my photo thrice before finally getting the “acceptable” result – which is me looking like a fool who badly needs to go to the bathroom and poop. at least i had the Mona Lisa smile for once.

all the people in line got a lot of negative comments about the consulate, process of renewing the passport, smell inside, employees inside, the tables of the employees inside – everything they see, hear, smell, feel inside the consulate is bad. little do they  know, all these degrading comments they throw to the  consulate comes back at them as they are, too a part of this government. have we lost our pride of being a Filipino?

i thought to myself earlier that i am like them too, i remember telling myself that i should renew my passport as early as now ‘coz the time-frame that they gave (1 month) for the release of the new passport may not be the “real” time-frame since i happen to know the “filipino time”. 1 hour is really 2 hours and 1 month may take a few more weeks more than that.

i noticed at the bulletin board just behind the guy who happens to be the vice-consulate general and is helping out with the encoding of passport details as well that there were 5 pending cases of rape and 2 pending cases of maltreatment. my heart goes for those victims…..

anyway, so yeah! the question is…. are there filipinos left in this world who are proud to be born as a filipino? i know i am, only downfall of being a filipino is being typified as gold-diggers and our passport being restricted. other than that – it’s ok being a filipino. specially working here in dubai where filipinos are famous for being hardworkers, organized, dilligent and trustworthy. if i ever hear someone degrading my roots, for sure i will wreck havoc. so yeah, i still am proud to be a filipino.

who else?

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