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February 20, 2009

i saw a lot of girls wearing red clothes earlier at the bus stop and a woman wearing a polka-dotted red dress caught my attention the most. I wanted to ask her if she knew that it was a valentine’s not a new year? In a superstitious country like mine, polka dot dresses are supposed to be worn at new year’s eve to bring you good luck for the whole year – that and jumping up and down and making a lot of noise to drive evil spirits away. Well anyway, i wore polka-dotted dresses but never really made me rich but yes i am tall for a filipina, just not sure if it has something to do with me climbing the 4ft wall of our house and jumping from there as soon as the clock striked 12am on a new year’s eve and even with the whole of the Philippines making a lot of noise all over the country there were still a lot of evil spirits lurking around us, specially inside the congress – so no, i don’t think any of those beliefs are true. But i still get reminded of new year’s when i see someone wearing a polka-dotted dresses, much more if it’s a white dress and big red dots. Sore to the eyes. Very.I seriously need to go to the gym. I am getting fatter and fatter each day. I haven’t lost the “holiday” fatness and am still gaining for eating so many meals in a day. I seriously need to go back to the gym again. But what can i do? I love to eat. Am a self-confessed glutton and it’s so good to eat heavy meals, until you feel yourself getting bloated and you can honestly tell yourself that it’s not just water-retention. Anyway, my body reacts very quickly in my way of (unhealthy) living. I think I need to live in a state of permanent starvation just to keep myself fit.
So before I starve myself, may i enjoy the sumptuous meal that i have ordered from Chowking first???? Siopao asado and black gulaman for breakfast and braised beef for lunch. Holy cow!!! I was ecstatic when i found out that chowking do deliveries (04-3571877). Am very easy to please and a meal from chowking makes my heart beat like crazy. I need not any fancy meals, fancy things, not into jewelleries – but take me to the streets of bangkok and treat me to one of the oil-wrapped, bacteria-enriched streetfoods and my heart will definitely be yours forever. Starve to death??? Nah, don’t think so. Might die of typhoid fever though.

Speaking of streetfoods, I satisfied my craving for one when Chubby and I went to Global Village. I had mangoes!!!! YAY!!!!!! Anyway, the global village itself was not really a recommendable place to visit. I don’t know, but nothing really extraordinary going on there. But i still enjoyed it because of the company am with and the dried mangoes too. YUM!!!! :p

I finally attended a ballet class last night. The instructor is using the RAD syllabus so yey for me! Since it was just for fitness, I was expecting the class to go on a very basic flow, but it was like attending one of the classes I had with Ballet Philippines. Hah! Very technical, with lots of variations in steps, very complicated – in short, i loved it! I specially love the adaggios she made us do. The instructor immediately noticed that am a RAD student. Anyway, looking at the mirror doing the adaggios made me frustrated once again. I got no good turn out, I get tired too easily, the arm movements were not as polished as it was, the posture was bad, the body was out of proportion – i hated what i saw on the mirror. Oh well, hopefully some more of these classes will get me to where I was before. Hah!

Something to look forward to in the days to come is my annual supply of make-ups, lotions, toiletries etc etc courtesy of my parental units (ie. Mom and sisters). Hello spoiled brat. Hehehe. Am not feeling guilty at all since they only do this for me once a year, compared to the monthly allowance that I was getting from my mom before Dubai. :p The spoiled brat in me kicks in just once every year now (but I make it sure that this once a year will compensate the whole year that am not asking anything from them hehehehe). Whatever.

Anyway, as for work – business is slowly picking up. Just the other day, I issued a honeymoon package to London and they paid cash, worth AED16935.00. I love these kind of passengers, who are after quality of the service provided (they booked The Cumberland hotel which is a 4* property) and not the price that it entails them to pay. Plus the fact that they paid cash. I will definitely put them on my mailing list. Haha.

Right, need to go. Will be attending Denden’s post-birthday celebration. House party!!!! Woo hoo!!!!! :p

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