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the lie….

June 14, 2008

people will definitely be hysterical. friends would want to bang my head on the wall ’till you can see a hole in it. specially alex, i swear – if only am not a girl, alex would have beaten the hell out of me already.

yes, i my friends, committed (yet again) a mistake. the problem is…. i have nothing to hold on to. or maybe am just really very stupidly stubborn. you probably all guessed it right. (i can already hear alex’s cussings now and chubby may be taking a hint…) i know! i’ll take it all in. am such an idiot. i know i know. all these musings won’t do any good if after everything that’s been said and done, i still won’t learn my lessons. you see, i had to learn it the hardest way possible. the hardest way.

questions the subject: why do you do this? what are you really up to? what exactly do you want from me?

questions self: why do you let it?

laughs to self as i have nobody else to blame. that’s me and my sarcasm.


another problem am facing now is – chubby will soon be going to UK, his native land. what the hell am i going to do while he’s gone? no more text marathon to pass time on my way home from work, no more occassional text messages during the day to somehow break the ice from me and my busy day at work, noone to drag to theater plays/movies/kfc, i wonder what my life will be without his idiotism (i just made that word up just for chubby).

he’s also a fountain of knowledge. so knowledgeable that i consider him the living Niagara Falls when it comes to words of wisdom and encouragement…

in times like these, i just turn to my  guitar….. and play

are just one of his famous lines ever. i just had to quote it.


people always tell me – “you’re funny”, sometimes i would like to retort back at them – “do i look like a f*cking clown to you???”


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