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November 22, 2009

there is an upcoming holiday here in the UAE this weekend called Eid Al Adha. people are supposed to get at least 2 days off for this holiday but some of my friends are not getting any, when asked if their company is giving them a double pay or an extra day added to their annual leave for each holiday worked, they answered: No.

so the lawyer (biggest frustration after being a ballerina) in me had an itch to look thru the labor code of dubai if their company is taking advantage of my “kabayans” by having them work on a holiday, here’s what i found:

Dubai Labor Code: Article 74

Each worker shall be entitled to leave with full pay on the following occasions:

New Year’s Day (Higra): one day.
New Year’s Day (Gregorian): one day.
Lesser Bairam: two days.
Greater Bairam and Eve: three days.
Birthday of Prophet Mohammed: one day.
Al Isra and Al Mi’raj: one day;
National Day: one day

Upon further research, I found out that:

Eid Al Adha is also known as Greater Bairam.

Source: http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holiday

If deemed necessary to work, the law below shall apply:

Article 81

Where it is necessary for the work interest to put a worker on duty during public holidays or days off in respect of which he is entitled to full or partial pay, he shall be granted substitute leave in respect of such days, plus 50 per cent of his wage. If he is not granted substitute leave, his employer shall pay him 150 per cent of his basic wage in respect of the days worked.

If I was employed with such company, I would definitely send this to the management. But then again, that’s just me…. a very different Filipino who’s not afraid to stand up for my rights and fight for what is due to me.

I hope someone will be smart enough to do something about it.

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