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September 18, 2009

i accidentaly came across my abandoned livejournal account by clicking a link from (another one) of my blog account in wordpress. i realized then that i have not been writing for a long time, the last update on wordpress was the day 14th of my europe trip (to which i realized that the 15th and most interesting day of the trip wasn’t even drafted yet…). i don’t know, i felt like my mind (if i do have any left) has been squeezed dry from my addiction of facebook status/photos updates (and the occasional sticking-my-nose-where-it-doesn’t-belong intrusion of other people’s accounts :p). my roomate jacqui can atest to this alarming addiction of facebook updates – first thing i do when i get home is to not even change my clothes but to turn on the laptop and see how many notifications do i have for the day, it’s sad to say that i don’t even play sorority life, farmtown, farmville, restaurant city and all the other money-making businesses that facebook can think of (to which i bet those people playing those applications actually wish that money is THAT easy to make in real life). i sometimes do stay up late just clicking on refresh button on my browser to check if anyone replied on my posts (upon rereading the last line i realized how pathetic my life is…).

but just to lay down my cards – my life is NOT pathetic…. well at least not anymore (and if you will disregard the fact that i have the worst ramadan timings in the face of this planet and the fact that i have to live with 500 dirhams in my pocket until Saturday next week)… for the first time in 2 years, am not pathetic. :p it’s just that… i must have grown out of the hard-partying days which i heavily enjoyed during the first year of my dubai life and that going home to my lovely room (i say room not house) with the company of my bubbly roomate is better than alcohol-loud music-sweat-and-a-hungover-the-next-day combined. so judge me all you want but facebook is addictive (and a good source of the latest gossips). good addiction i would say.

i learned one thing – life becomes better if you keep your mouth shush… 🙂 happy days!!!!

everybody is not supposed to know everything. life is better that way… a bit of mystery, spice and everything nice is better. :p
birthday is coming up and i am constantly reminded by friends about this dreaded one year addition to my very colorful life by asking me – “are you coming home on your birthday???” i should go home…. the annual ticket will be forfeited if not used…. and we’re talking about a confirmed return trip seat to manila there. but not on my birthday or to put it in the right perspective – not when am “broke” when everybody is expecting me of an all-nighter of booze, food and loads of fun. (whoever says money can’t buy happiness has never been happy… :p)
the entry is all over the place (much like me)… well, not bad to fill the gap of silence on the abandoned blogsite. 😉

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