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The Krista Ranillo case….

December 18, 2009

out of the blue, a former colleague sent me a YM message telling me she remembers me whenever she sees Krista Ranillo. she’s actually the third person to tell me this (Jay, Anna and Ina all thought of the same thing, I think they need to have their eyes checked) and being the curious cat that i am, i finally googled who this Krista Ranillo is. and here’s what i found:

1. she’s a sexy starlet in the Philippines.
2. the daughter of Mr. Matt Ranillo and niece of Ms. Suzette Ranillo who happens to be a former passenger during my first travel agent stint in the Philippines
3. the new mistress of the Filipino Boxing hero Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.

i don’t know her because i’m really outdated on the philippine showbiz news but in all fairness to her, she’s H-O-T but as hot as she is, i can’t find any resemblance that i have with her.

you be the judge:

Krista vs MiMi

the above is the closest “wet-look” photo i can find of myself. and probably that’s the only resemblance i can see between her and me on our photos – the wet hair.

Krista vs MiMi 2

sorry, this is the only photo i can find of myself without showing my teeth. i would say that i’m a show-all-your-32-teeth smiler, so well i still can’t see any resemblance of myself to her.

Krista vs Noemi 3

hmmmmm….. check previous comment (ehh?) i think i’m giving up already…

Krista vs Noemi 4

ok, i can finally see the resemblance. do you???? no? you have think out of the box right here. just add about 8 inches of boobsize on my photo and bam!!!! you’ll see it!

Krista VS Noemi 5

yeah!!!! i think i got what it takes to be her stunt double. seriously! i would have to contact ABS-CBN for a stunt double contract with her.

Krista VS MiMi 6

we both have short hair and same color due to the camera lighting. i think i’m seeing it now….

and last but not the least:

i am a splitting image of her on this photo (if you’re a bit stupid she’s the one on the right). sadly, i don’t have the same photo to compare it with….. anybody who’d like to be a stunt double of Mocha Uson ???please send me a message.


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