The Italian Job Doha : If you don’t have humor, do not enter.

The Italian Job, Radisson Blu Hotel Doha

“I’ve been invited to dine at The Italian Job” I told The Greek Mister as soon as I accepted the invitation from Radisson Blu Hotel to which he replied with much enthusiasm “Italian Job??? I really like that place.” Yes, it’s been a favorite Italian restaurant of ours since we first arrived here in Doha as it’s very near to where we live and they do serve great food with reasonable prices. So yes, I might be a little bit biased with this review. Just to warn you. đŸ™‚

The Italian Job, Radisson Blu Hotel Doha

Just before you enter the restaurant, an imposing sign which warns anyone who doesn’t have humor to not enter the restaurant might be a bit confusing for the uninitiated. During my first visit, I thought they’d be having a stand-up comedy show which may be a bit off-putting for an Italian restaurant. I was wrong of course. Thank goodness!

The Italian Job, Radisson Blu Hotel Doha

I think the restaurant did a good job of replicating a traditional Italian trattoria with its faux brick walls and arches. Not perfect but close enough. Unlike a typical trattoria though, they do have a menu which comes with an Italian ristorante prices – but to be fair, you can’t really find a trattoria-priced Italian restaurant here in Doha.

The Italian Job, Radisson Blu Hotel Doha

What sets it different from the rest which you will either hate or love is the singing waiter and waitresses throughout the evening. Some people hate it while some people love it which explains the warning sign just before you enter. Personally, I don’t mind in fact, it somehow reminded me of a restaurant called Le Terme del Colosseo which was a tourist trap that I highly enjoyed in Rome where singers serenaded us with opera songs during our dinner.

The Italian Job, Radisson Blu Hotel Doha

I do understand the sentiments of other Italian Job diners though who might find it a bit annoying as the singers can be loud. So loud that you won’t be able to hear the conversation you’re having with your dining partner. Also, they sing modern American songs – if it was Italian songs they were singing, I’m pretty sure the experience will be different and the concept will be accepted more by many.

The Italian Job, Radisson Blu Hotel Doha

That night, we had insalata di rucola e radicchio con pere e provolone and fritto crocante ai frutti di mare which are both our favorite salad and antipasti to order at The Italian Job. I love the taste of the provolone cheese in contrast with the pears in the salad and fried seafood with garlic dip is always hard to resist for me.

The Italian Job, Radisson Blu Hotel Doha

We would normally have pasta and pizza in this restaurant but that night, I was a on a diet we wanted to be a bit more adventurous and tried out their seafood dishes for our main course. I had cernia in salsa mediterranea while the Greek Mister had filetto di branzino al martini dry e zafferano.

The Italian Job, Radisson Blu Hotel Doha

My grilled hammour was good although I was a bit disappointed as it didn’t have the distinct grilled taste which I was looking forward to. My untrained taste palate would say it was actually fried than grilled. The Greek Mister enjoyed his seabass fillet though.

The Italian Job, Radisson Blu Hotel Doha

We finished off our dinner with semifredo alla nutella to share which was not too sweet, just the way I like my desserts.

The Italian Job, Radisson Blu Hotel Doha

Service as always was impeccable although I have to say that they overdid it that night possibly due to the fact that they knew I was there for a review. In normal days, their service is superb – friendly and efficient however that night I went as a blogger, we were asked how our food was at least 6 times during the whole dinner experience which to be honest, became a bit annoying at some point. I know they mean well though but I would definitely prefer to be left to enjoy the dinner fully rather than having someone check in on me every few minutes or so.

The Italian Job, Radisson Blu Hotel Doha

Still, it was a great experience overall. I probably would stick to pasta and pizza dishes next time though paired with whatever they have as a cocktail for the day (they do great cocktails here too!).

The Italian Job
Radisson Blu Hotel Doha
Tel No 44281428
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I was a guest at The Italian Job during this dinner however as always, photos are my own and opinion stated are genuine and in no way influenced.


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  • Trainswestcan2espano December 22, 2015 at 16:49

    Looks good, better than Rome on Saturday night?

    • Pinay Flying High December 22, 2015 at 16:52

      I still prefer Le Terme del Colosseo, I still have the video of you getting shaved there. :p

  • Rhonda Albom December 20, 2015 at 01:15

    Ah, what a delicious looking restaurant!
    The essential question… were the staff any good at singing? If not, that would get very old, very fast.
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