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The Hive Experience

October 9, 2009

It was my first time in this funky bar in souk al bahar, i was impressed by the number of people who were there that thursday night. I never knew that the place is getting this crowd nowadays and is by par following (and possibly surpass) the footsteps of Madinat Jumeira which is flanked as well with bars and clubs to attract people.

First impression – loud music. We could hear the music 20ft away from its entrance. Haha!

We headed to the outdoor patio to meet other friends and was greeted by the majestic The Address hotel standing tall in all its glory in front of us. You literally have the full view of this overpriced hotel at the outdoor patio. It still looked like a lego to me. :p

While the drinks were not cheap the service we’ve received was excellent but that was before 1230am when people milling around suddenly doubled up and the Thai waitress probably forgot that we ordered another round of mojito and mexican beer.

A glass of mojito costs AED55 and it was not really good. Haha! I could not taste even a hint of rhum in it. Mojito is my favourite drink and by far nothing beats the ones in Barasti. Beer was priced AED35 and that was the Mexican beer called Dos Equis. Not sure how it was, but the boyfriend the drunkard seemed to like it.

The only downside of this bar was that the music was too loud even at the outdoor patio. I will not find it hard to believe if you tell me that you had a sore throat the next day after a nightout at the Hive, because all throughout the night we were literally screaming at each others ears. Several times, I will just nod in recognition though I have no idea what the other person is talking about out of frustration since I really can’t seem to hear the words that are coming out of their mouths. Hahaha.

At 1am, jacqui’s stomach started rumbling and so we headed to the after-party haven of dubai – zaatar w zeit in sheikh zayed and ordered a very filling cooked egg with melted cheese and beef ham. YUM!!!!

The Hive verdict:

will i ever go back? only when i have the right company to keep me for the night. other than that, you will have to tell me that david beckham will be going there to make my feet walk towards that direction.

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