The high rollers.

The other day, I was dealing with a royal family of one of the Emirates in the UAE. The Shaikha (an honorary title for women belonging to the leader’s family) was the one who personally went to our office with no bodyguards whatsoever to book their holiday. I didn’t even know that she belongs to a royal family until she gave me a diplomat passport and the words “ruling family of [insert Emirate here]” were written below her name. I find it really fascinating at the same time I felt really humbled as she showed no sign of arrogance nor the feeling of self-importance when she walked in. She was very simple, soft-spoken and actually very nice. It is somehow very rare for me to meet people like her.

She booked a month-long holiday to Europe with 4 other members of the family. She showed no fuss whatsoever about the hotels that I suggested but of course it has to be a 5-star property. She only had one very specific request – for me to book at least 2 big vans for their transfer to the airport as they had a problem a year before while on a holiday in Europe wherein they need to leave two of their bags at the hotel as it no longer fits in the vehicle which will transfer them back to the airport. The hotel then need to send someone in a separate car to deliver the bags to the airport. That is of course after a month-long of shopping in Europe, they will definitely accumulate more luggage. It was one of the easiest transactions I’ve ever done and probably the biggest amount I have ever sold. The whole package cost was AED345,000 (approximately USD98,500). If you thought that was a big surprise for me then let me tell you this, she paid by cash. Of course not the whole amount but she had about AED100,000 cash in her purse right that moment to give as a deposit. So she’s literally walking around the city with that amount of money inside her Channel bag. Now that’s crazy!


Some of my friends had a loan of about AED50,000 which is payable within 6 years and here she is, walking around with twice the amount of that loan and she’s ready to spend more in a span of just 1 month.




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