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the good samaritan

October 1, 2009

when: year 2002
where: manila, philippines

it was a cold, stormy night. i just finished my ballet class and was waiting for a cab, standing at the side of CCP with only the leaves of trees serving as my umbrella to protect me from the rain. i saw a cab coming towards me and hailed it with my fingers crossed hoping that it doesn’t have any passengers in it or the driver will not refuse to take me to Dapitan, UST (we all know that this part of the planet submerge under water with little fall of rain) – to no avail, the cab was empty but stopped in front of a lady wearing skirt and high heels. (i was wearing my after-class clothes: jogging pants, jacket over my tights and leotards then a rubber shoes, with my hair losely tied up and me looking like i was ran over by thousands of horses)

i was already losing hope and was thinking that the whole world was conspired against me that day, i’ve been waiting for more than 2hours for a cab and could not brave to walk towards taft avenue to take a jeep since some parts of roxas boulevard was already flooded then and well, i was just really very tired that night already… the thought of my warm bed makes me cry..

then a friendly voice said “hello!”. i hello-ed back at him and clutched my backpack closer to myself for possible snatching of this intruder. :p then he told me that he’s offering 2 other ‘stranded’ ladies a lift to their place and was wondering if i would like to join them since i look like i need one. i looked over his shoulder and saw those girls standing by the door of the cafeteria, they looked fine and harmless. i looked back to the guy and studied his profile – geeky eyeglasses, braces, probably around 5ft and 10 in., wearing jeans, sneakers and a green archers jacket – he looked harmless all in all but i was still a bit hesitant. i can see the other 2 girls shivering from the cold, it seems like they have been there longer than i was and would really love to get in the car and head home. so i said “am going to dapitan”… “great! we’re all headed to katipunan i can just drop you off on the way” was his reply without even hesitating for a split second about the heavy traffic towards my area and the possible “mini lake” surrounding it by that time.

i later found out that he was not a green archer but a blue eagle and the jacket was borrowed from his cousin. he attended a digital photography workshop in CCP that day and just offered random people his help. he was friends with some of the people i know and he loves eating isaw just like i do. but the craziest thing of all – the sound of music is his favorite movie, so is mine. haha.

7 years after that mishap, we’re still friends. though i haven’t seen him for 3 years now, the senseless ramblings on email correspondence never stopped.

i am sometimes tempted to marry joshua just to have a good story to tell people how we met during my wedding reception….

if only he’s not gay…. :p

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