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The Going-Away Party

August 11, 2011

And because I’m so special and my colleagues will miss me when I go on vacation, they threw a surprise going-away party for me. AWWWWWWWWWWWW…….

On a serious note, it was an iftar held at the supervisor’s house. We’ve been planning to go out – all of us at our outlet for God knows how long and it’s only now that we finally did it – which was good and bad for me. You see I’ve been on a STRICT diet for about 2 weeks now and with hercullian efforts that only I could manage, I was able to turn my back on rice. I know right? A Filipino not eating rice???? That’s the biggest joke! But yes, I haven’t been eating rice for the past 2 weeks and I could see an improvement on my body. What used to be a HUGE tummy protruding more than my non-existent boobs is now flat. So I now have a flat tummy (along with my flat boobs). But that was before I went for the iftar dinner.

I was famished when I arrived at the supervisor’s house so I practically just gobbled everything that I saw on a plate (mine and someone else’) which is appetizing to the eye. I’m not very good with the names of the Indian foods that we ate so I’ll just make everything up.

The appetizerssssss

We’ll start from the top moving clock-wise.

1. Gooey green thing at the top – I didn’t touch it because it looks sweet and as many of you know by now (since I’ve been talking mostly about food on here), I’m not very fond of sweets.

2. Egg pocket – as the made-up name implies, there’s a hard-boiled egg inside this. I don’t know why but I’ve been craving for eggs lately, so I had two of these. The supervisor gave me an extra plate of this appetizer so yey for me! (boo hoo for the belly)

3. Chicken strips – If I’m not mistaken, it was chicken. Although it doesn’t really matter what it was since I’ll probably be able to finish a plate of it at any given time.

4. Round something – Again, I have no idea what it was made of but I think it’s meat inside this round thing. I poured ketchup all over it before goblling it down.

5. Samosa – you’re stupid if you don’t know what samosa is.

6. Baclava-like thing – I didn’t touch it as well as I was told by Moses (yeah, he parted the red sea) that it was sweet. But it looks a lot like baclava, that Turkish dessert.

7. A date in the middle which I didn’t eat as well.

I was already full after that plate and didn’t know that those were just starters. The supervisor then served us a huge plate of chicken biryani.


I’m not a very big fan of Indian foods plainly because it’s either too spicy or too curry-ish for me but I can tell that the supervisor made some efforts to not make the food too Indian-ish. I loved the biryani! And I’m not just saying that because I know that the supervisor and her husband is reading this blog right now but it really was awesome! Normally it would take only two spoons for me to stop eating a biryani and I thought it would be the same case for this iftar. I thought I’d just force myself to eat whatever it is that was served on the table out of respect but I later found myself asking for a second serving of the biryani. It wasn’t too curry-ish and it’s not at all spicy. Well ok, there was a hint of spice in it but not too much. It’s only the lightweight Bulgarian Romanian colleagues who said that it was spicy, they’re a bunch of sissies.

Anyway, it was another great evening spent with the people that I have to deal with every single day of my life. Hahaha. I wasn’t able to take photos because I don’t know, I was busy adding inches to my waist probably? It’s nice to have some sort of get-together outside the workplace with your officemates. I know I’m a b*tch at work (I have to undergo some sort of anger management soon) but I believe that I’m pretty awesome outside of work. (whoever thinks otherwise is a son of a B!) Most importantly, it’s great to see your supervisor running around her house serving you dinner. Hekhekhek.

To the Supervisor and family,

Thank you for opening the doors of your lovely home to us. For the hospitality and the great food. Let’s do it again! 🙂


On a totally different and unrelated note…………… VACATION IS HERE AT LAST!!!!! WOO HOO!

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  • Reply jabeena August 12, 2011 at 07:23

    dis id so ealting Noemi..it was ma pleasure to hv u guys hom..n yes u r just awesome outside office, not dat i had issues wiz u inda office 😛

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