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February 15, 2011

I found the challenge of sticking to the USD300 budget for 4 days in Goa a bit too hard to commit to because the place is just so cheap that it would be really hard for you to splurge on a USD100 budget per day. In reality, I only spent less than USD200 for the whole 4 days which includes meals, one night accommodation in arambol beach, some souvenirs and lots and lots of beer. Yes! It was amazing!!! Absofreakinglutely amazing!

Anyhow, first of all I would like to thank Troy for inviting me over for this trip who by the way I have not introduced properly on my previous blog.

with FOGG Odyssey

Troy is the brains and talent behind FOGG Odyssey which is one of those travel blogs I enjoy reading mainly because 1. i know him personally and 2. he’s got really weird insights about many things delivered in his signature fearless unapologetic frankness.

Almost Fearless

Aecond, i would like to thank the Gilbert family: Christine, Drew and Cole (the brains and talent behind Almost Fearless and drewgilbert) for the hospitality and kindness extended to an intruder like myself. Their website is very well known amongst many travel writers, as a matter of fact according to Travelpod their site holds the 10th place of the Top 100 Travel Blogs in the world. So that photo up there with them would have cost me an arm if it was taken after they became rich and famous.

Technically we’re all writers except that i’m really not if you compare my blog to theirs. Lol. All of them are full time travelers who all turned their backs from the corporate world they once were a part of. Someone might have told them a couple of years back to get a life and that’s exactly what they did. I just wish I could do the same.

Anyway, there are only two words to remember when traveling with Troy and/or the gilbert family: TRAVEL INSURANCE. We didn’t do anything really dangerous during the trip like cliff diving or para-gliding or eating broken glass or walking on fire or whatever but we did an all-american style of exploring the land of Goa from coast to coast in a motor bike! WOOHOO! That’s probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life upto date. Yeah I know, I’m a loser. At this age of twenty something, it was my first time to ride a motorbike which is just like riding a normal bicycle except that you could die (Christine’s very calming description of riding a motorcycle). So anyway, I was not ready for a cross-state trip of Goa on a motorcycle – I didn’t pack my knee pads, elbow pads, helmet and neck brace with me but felt all excited about it. I rode with Troy who’s got too many scars to prove that he’s already an expert on riding a motorcycle so it calmed me a bit. Yeah right! I was hiding behind him everytime I see a vehicle coming from the opposite direction. Nevertheless, i have enjoyed every single minute of this trip as it’s totally different compared to the other trips iIve done which mainly include: a tourist bus, a tour guide and a three-course meal in some restaurant. I was able to experience the real Goa, thanks to this really awesome people.

I’ll try to remember as much things that we did during the trip on the next blogs but if my memory fails me, i can just blame beer for it as we’ve had too many. 🙂

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  • Reply Ishe February 15, 2011 at 06:52

    Damnit! I wish I could’ve gone with you! Stupid ridiculously high plane ticket!

    But so glad you had a grand time, dear! 😀

    • Reply galatea234 February 15, 2011 at 07:09

      i had a real good time ishe! it was soooooo different and fun. :p

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