French Olive, Defining Mediterranean Flavors

The French Olive, Doha

A huge open space with high ceilings, pipes in full view and lamps hanging low through their electrical cords. At the very end is the kitchen, on your left is the patisserie and on your right are private rooms with classical interior decor and a small, cozy dining area with light blue chairs which somehow reminded me of the French Riviera. It’s a combination of industrial, chic and conservative design but somehow – it worked all together. Whoever designed The French Olive in Al Sadd receives an applause from me. Well done you!

My friend AM suggested that we have one of our business lunches here and being only a stone’s throw away from our house, it was a welcome invitation. After all, I’ve heard only good things about it and would love to have my own judgment of it.

They have 3 options for a business lunch – silver, gold and diamond. The difference is what you want to include in your lunch. As I’m writing this so many days after we’ve dined at The French Olive, I have to be admit that my memory isn’t as good as before. Having said that, I’m unable to tell you how much each package cost and what it included except for the diamond package which is what my friend AM and I took. Diamond lunch gives you an appetizer, a main course, a dessert, coffee and a bottle of water or glass of juice. Priced at QR85 per person, I’d say it’s an amazing deal!

The French Olive, Doha

I started with a rather bland romana salad – the caesar salad dressing was served on the side and while the salad itself was fresh and crisp, I didn’t find anything special about it. As we were finishing our appetizers, the server brought our main course to our table. My friend AM was a bit annoyed by this but I do get her point though as we haven’t finished our appetizers yet. They initially wanted to put the main courses on the table next to ours until AM suggested that they bring it back to the kitchen until we’re finished with our appetizers.

We were then informed afterwards that their business lunch operates in such a way that everything must be done and prepared fast since it’s designed for people who are on a lunch break from work. While I do appreciate this effort, we clearly were not in a hurry so I think a little observation of what kind of diners they have would go a long way for them. Personally, I really didn’t mind it as much as my friend did. 🙂

The French Olive, Doha

For our main course we decided to have one pasta and one pizza to share between us. I was in charge of the pasta and chose to have spaghetti all’amatriciana and it was fabulous! They have used some strips of beef bacon instead of cured pork cheek which is the original recipe for this dish and it worked out really well. Although the first bite was a bit salty for my taste because of the bacon, the tomato sauce was able to tone it down. I am not even going to hide it, I ate more than my half of this dish and could easily finish one serving of it all on my own. It’s just irresistible.

My friend AM was in charge of the pizza and made a very good decision of getting pizza funghi which came with rocket salad on top. It was absolutely and undeniably divine! The dough was crisp and thin and the combined taste of the mushroom and arugula is always a win for me. Seriously speaking, it would be very hard to decide for me which dish is better as both were done to perfection.

The French Olive, Doha

We took some time off after the heavy meal and asked our friendly waiter to put some of the leftover pizza in a box for my friend to take home. We then had to choose from an array of sweets displayed in their desserts counter. We were given two options – we can either take one dessert worth QR30 or take 3 desserts each worth QR10. We chose the latter and I had what I thought was a cronut but it wasn’t. It was still very good though but it definitely wasn’t the highlight of our meal (I’m not into sweets so that explains a lot).

The French Olive, Doha

Apart from the salad, everything else that we had at The French Olive was great. They clearly have a good sense of what Mediterranean cuisine is supposed to be. I will definitely give it a try for breakfast and maybe dinner soon.

P.S. That small streak of nutella on the plate is bothering me a lot. Like A LOT! I can’t believe I didn’t see it when I took that photo. It ruined the photo all together didn’t it?

Total cost for 2 diamond business lunch is QR170.

The French Olive
Ground Floor, Barwa Towers, Al Sadd, Doha
Tel No. 44444777
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  • Linda Bibb February 22, 2016 at 04:01

    Never you mind the nutella dribble. I didn’t even notice it until you mentioned it. That said, you can fix a lot of boo-boos with Photoshop. 😉

    I’ve had turkey bacon and duck bacon, but never before have I heard of beef bacon. I don’t like pork so I would be thrilled to try it, especially because I adore all’Amatriciana sauce. Now all I’ll need is a gluten-free variety and I’m good to go. Is it easy to find in Doha?
    Linda Bibb recently posted…Layover Hack: How to Tour a City FreeMy Profile

    • Pinay Flying High February 22, 2016 at 08:52

      We have all sorts of bacons here except for pork (being in a Muslim country it’s quite hard and expensive to find one). To be honest, I’m not very sure about gluten-free as I have never asked for it myself but I would probably say that it would be hard to find it here? Not very sure about that though. 🙂

      PS I’m a blogger who doesn’t have photoshop. Aaaaack! :p

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