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the formality of it all…..

May 1, 2010

i hate shopping. no seriously, i hate shopping. i don’t have much patience to go roaming around a humongous mall, to undress and fit a dress on each of the stores that i see only to find out that i look like a tadpole in it because of my bloated tummy and most specially i hate shopping when i have no money. but i NEED to shop for a dress for the wedding that i am unfortunately hosting on May 15. do take note of the stress on the word NEED not WANT. because i am the most informal girl that you can ever meet, i don’t have any formal dress hanging in my closet. well i do have dresses, but unless the bride and groom would like to have a host who is scantily dressed during their reception (to which the bride strongly reminded that i am only allowed to show 35% of my skin for whichever dress that i should decide to wear) then i will have to buy a new one.

and because i’m too lazy to be roaming around a mall, i did my little research on the internet. so far, this one goes at the top of the list: Click here for the dress image.

and because i’m just very clumsy, i would need to check if it comes in a darker color say…. brown? as i really just can’t wear anything white specially if there will be eating and drinking involved while wearing the dress. also, along with the dress i need to buy a shoes which will match it and because my bra size is close to none and wearing a tube top will be very susceptible for me to have a wardrobe malfunction (read: the tube top will have nothing to hold on to so it can easily be pulled down with the slightest tug) then i will also have to buy a wonder bra. hmmmm i don’t think i should be saying that but what the heck, i’m trying to make a point. as for the accessories, i may just need to raid my aunt’s jewellery box for that.

ok so my budget is to spend maximum AED800 for everything (because i’m cheap like that). if the price on the website is correct, then the dress will be around AED520 which gives me AED280 for the shoes and the wonder bra.

well, i still don’t know if the dress will fit me at all so we’ll see if i can stick to my budget later when i go to the mall.

ugh!!!! i hate malls!

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