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The Filipino Youth of today all needs to be slapped…. HARD!

January 18, 2011

i am usually surprised whenever i hear a passenger (from UK, Brazil and the US to be specific) tell me that Dubai is the best city to raise a kid. i, for one, would not want my kid to be raised in a society where “what you have” and “what color of your skin” defines your social status… i always thought to myself that IF i will ever bear a child (God bless that child) i want him/her to grow up in the Philippines and no place else. i was raised by a loving and protective (sometimes overly protective) family that up until now, though we are all continents apart from each other (family’s in the philippines, US and me here in Dubai) our love and care for each other still defies the distance between all of us. in the Philippines, family comes first above anything else and i want to instill that value to my child. at least that’s how i was raised and partly influenced who i am today, i say partly because i’m not even close to being half-perfect which is due to my hard-headed nature but still, i’m still not that bad of a daughter/sister… hehehe. i am aware of my flaws but what i do take pride in is i still have my values intact.

so with the imperfect but still quite good of a person that i am today, i was thinking that my home country still is the best place to raise a child…. UNTIL i had a week’s vacation back home just recently.

– most people who’ve got authority issues would put those people in authority in pedestal and it will be hard for them to say no to these figures which is the total opposite of what our youth have today – they no longer respect the people in authority.

my aunt is a retired educator (thank goodness that she doesn’t have to deal with these kids) but runs her own school to which she sometimes visit and observe the classes being held. she told me that some students are sleeping, eating and staring blankly at the wall while their teachers are giving lectures. if they get caught, they would gladly walk out of the classroom and spend the rest of the day frolicking around the campus. the teachers, who are supposed to be the “authoritative figures” inside each classrooms can no longer control these kids and would send them out of their classrooms in resignation just so the “good students” (which is only a handful now) won’t be influenced by the bad ones.

a neighbor has a kid who dropped out of highschool and ran away with some of his friends. he usually just comes in the house whenever he pleases to get some clothes and then off he goes out again. whenever his father catches him at home, the father usually begs for his son to stay but the kid would just storm out of their house past his father. the father holds a public position in our town and is known to be very strict with his subordinates.

my very own cousin, will go out at 6 in the evening and will be back at 2am. his parents will start sending him text messages as early as 10pm asking for his whereabouts and they will never ever receive a reply from him. he’ll just go home whenever he pleases and could care less about his very worried parents. with all the crime happening around us these days, a parent’s only wish is to know that their kid is safe to which the youth today can’t seem to understand with the pea-sized brains that they have now.

– we were taught that education is a right and not a privilege but these days, the youth doesn’t seem to enjoy that right. they are apathetic towards the importance of education and being good in stupid computer games such as that freaking DOTA is more important for them than graduating from college. it’s a very sad reality that the drop out rates in our country is increasing alarmingly every year. i remember the time when i was in school getting my report card, i will continuously pray the night before hoping that i will not get a grade of anything lower than 85 in any of my subjects because my aunt might kill me if i do get such a grade… the passing grade is 75.

youth today no longer values education that’s a given fact. the question is, what do they value these days exactly?

– my nephew sent a text message from his cellphone to his teacher that he won’t be coming into school for the day as he feels sick, the teacher replied “K”. my nephew is 10 years old.

whatever happened to sick notes from the parents? and what’s a 10 year old kid doing with a cellphone? what kind of messages do the kids as young as 10 years old send to each other? at the top of my head: “8, 9, 10! ready or not here i come! come out come out wherever you are!” well, i do hope it’s only an advanced hide and seek that they are doing with their cellphones. i had my very first cellphone when i was already in college and i am totally against kids as young as 10 years old to have a cellphone. i’m not really advocating pigeons with letters on their beaks or smoke signals or i don’t know, interpretative dance? to be the means of communications of our youth today. when i was in highschool and going to meet some friends, we’ll just plan a time and place for meet ups and for whatever telepathic reasons, we do meet each other as planned. why can’t the youth today just do it the same way as we, their ancestors did? no cellphones until after your highschool. and on that note, i personally worked hard for my own cellphone. i needed to get a certain grade point average before my aunt gave me a cellphone as a prize for a job well done.

the same nephew has a facebook account with over 400 friends, i am one of them but i’ve blocked my feeds for him so he wouldn’t see what PG13 things i’m posting on my account. but what about the other 399 friends he’s got on his list? are their feeds blocked as well from my 10 year old nephew to see? or better yet, are they just posting PG13 things on their accounts???? my niece on the other hand is 11 years old and on her profile it was said that she’s “looking for a relationship”. i mean, WTF? i was looking for a puppy when i was 11!!!

i thought having the interwebs would be beneficial for the youth of today. a good way for them to avoid the now dusty libraries, i never thought it could backfire this way.

– a local TV channel shows the story of a 14 year old girl who got pregnant and rose above the occasion ala Erin Brokovich and everything became all fine and dandy after all the hardships. now, that’s a good way of teaching our 14 year old kids that dropping out of highschool and by being a good waitress in some sleazy joint is a very good alternative if you get pregnant. so go ahead, get pregnant! who knows, you might even own your very own restaurant in due time. oh! and by the way, this show is being shown at around 5pm just in time when all the kids have gone home to catch all the useful information that they will impart to them.

the media imbecilifies our youth. whatever happened to Batibot (Philippine version of Sesame Street) or Princess Sarah or Cedie? why does Gossip Girl shows highschoolers who are greedy, materialistic and sexually way too advanced for their ages? why is Hannah Montana scantily dressed doing some provocative dance numbers these days? and don’t even get me started with Twilight’s love triangle (which is a very good combination by the way: a sparkly vampire, a pale human and the abdominably-blessed wolf with only one thing in common: lack of acting skills) or the ridiculously dumb songs being played on the radio to which my nephews and nieces are singing along with. So dumb that a drunk dog could have written it, now if only a dog knows a lot of curse words or i don’t know, ovulating? as most of the songs these days are about sex. or maybe a complete retard since most of the singers these days pronounce shorty as “shawty”.

to prove a point, let’s use the lyrics of one of the songs which really disturbed me while growing up (yeah right!): MILKSHAKE by Kelis

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
And they’re like, it’s better than yours
Damn right, it’s better than your’s
I could teach you but I have to charge

La la la la la
Warm it up
La la la la la
The boys are waiting

I used to just hum along with it never realizing that I will sound like a total sl*t if I practically know its lyrics. Why don’t we make it a clean song then as done by a white rapper on failbook.

My whipped ice dairy drink brings the attention of many men to my place of residence.
And it’s quality far surpasses than yours
Absolutely, it far surpasses yours
I could convey to you the recipe
But I would have to demand compensation

La la la la la la
Put it in the microwave
La la la la la la
Many men are waiting for the whipped ice dairy

Now… to find someone who will sing this smart rap I’ve composed.

Anyway, whether we like it or not… the youth are exposed to the media and it’s only upon all the parents to watch out on everything that their kids are watching or listening to which is very impossible to do. who’s got time to do all those things?

now, with what i have witnessed during my 1 week vacation in the philippines, i may really not bear a child to save him/her of the evil things in the world nowadays.

and as my parting words to the youth of today:


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