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September 19, 2010

after 2 years, i saw him once again – on a facebook friend request. clicked on his profile and found out that he’s already married. that was what he wanted and that was what i can’t give, the reason why we have parted ways for good and never spoke to each other since then…

thinking back, those were real good times in dubai though, so here is an open letter to the ex….

To you who have bestowed some dubaites knowledge upon me,

i’m very happy for you! i’m glad that you have found what you’re looking for. i know we should have kept in touch but your girlfriend then (wife now) hated my guts and i just want to stir myself away from any troubles (my life is already troublesome as it is without any jealous girlfriends of ex boyfriends).

i’m afraid i will have to decline the friend request though (stirring myself away from wives of ex boyfriends hehe) but rest assure that my emails are still working and you can still send me all your shenanigans on there. i’ve truly missed your yarns. :p

As always,

The Princess… :-p

P.S. i know you still read my blogs. hyuk hyuk hyuk!

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