The Evening After

The day after my 24th birthday, a lot of people were still greeting me to have a happy one. I don’t know if everybody’s in a different time zone lately, but I have received greetings from a lot of people 2 days prior my birthday, a day before and a day after. Well, it’s the thought that counts, and the thought that it’s going to be my birthday from October 20 onwards, is enough for me to know that I am being remembered. Beggars can’t be choosers right? So greet whenever you like for as long as LIBRA is still the reigning Zodiac. Hehe. Thanks for all the birthday greeters and well wishers, I can feel the lovin miles away.

A birthday without a treat is not my birthday. For as long as I can remember, the snapshots inside Mimi’s photo album consists mostly of ballet pictures, outoftown/country pictures and most importantly my birthday celebrations. Though most of these pictures are my mom‘s priced possession in the US of A, I can still vividly remember some of the snapshots in it. When I was 1, we celebrated my birthday in our humble abode. The place was jampacked with people I don’t even know. I was just 1, can’t even talk yet (as per my mom, they thought that I was deaf or mute ‘coz I didn’t speak until I was 3). There’s this one picture during that first birthday that I couldn’t forget, it was me and my yayaAte Luz, she was carrying me and I had this big smile on my face which made me famous among my family, the baby with the most adorable smile. Hehe.

Then came my 3rd birthday party, again it was held in our home. One snapshot that I couldn’t forget was me and my birthday cake and my mom holding me to keep me from falling from the chair that I was standing on. She was wearing her favorite purple dress. I love that purple dress, every time my mom pops in my mindshe’s wearing that purple dress

My 7th birthday party was a blast!!!! It was the first birthday party that I was able to invite some of my classmates from my elementary school. It was held in my aunt’s ballet studio, a lot bigger than our house to accommodate more people. Of course the memorable photo from that party was me and my cake, I was wearing a new pink dress made specially for that party. I still had my rabbit tooth then.  From childhood to adulthood, it never fails. I will celebrate my birthday one way or another. If it’s a weekday, I’ll celebrate it at schoolit will always be the grandest birthday of the year among my classmates. Haha!

Then the much awaited debut came, my 18th birthday. Being the unconventional type, I hate the conventional cotillions, the conventional 18 roses, the conventional 18 candles and the conventional gowns in a conventional hotel/clubhouse venue. So on my 18th birthday, I was wearing a very unconventional haltered backless top, an unconventional skirt in an unconventional bar in Makati called Strumms. My high school and college friends were there including my favorite cousins. J We literally occupied the whole of the 2nd floor. The band performing that night was the now very famous Retrospect. Fun! Fun! Fun! My guests can order anythingbeer, tequilla, subzero, vodka, lamborghini, vodka cruisers, you name itthey all got it. Everybody got drunk the morning after, telling me that they’ve just been into one helluva party, and it was mine. Haha! Just the way I like it, everybody enjoying the event not fighting boredom.

So how was my 24th birthday? Oh well, nothing fancy. I gave a treat to just one officemate who I’m closest toHoney. We ate lunch at Costa Coffee, an Italian coffee house located on the ground floor of our building. I bought dinner for my foster family here in Dubai at Fish and company. We had seafood fest during dinner. I’m probably too old to have a party or maybe I just don’t have somebody to party with here in Dubai. I suddenly missed my friends back homethe high school geeksSMC; the socialitesSIGMA and the singers of travelexSUPERSTARS. Well, birthday came and went by, nothing’s really changed except that am a year older. But there’s a lot for me to look forward to, the 23rd day of October year 2007 is the start of MY year. I know and I can definitely feel the load of what this year has to offer for me. I hope what I feel is correct, I can only wish. Again, thank you for remembering my birthday. Love you all!!!!


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