The Entertainer Qatar | The Grill at Grand Hyatt Doha

The Grill, Grand Hyatt Doha

Another day has gone which means another culinary adventure done in the city of Doha. For the past few days, I think I haven’t done anything but eat. I am going to fitness classes which I have to say I’ve been doing really well on as I haven’t missed a day but the amount of food that I intake afterwards somehow evens it out. I have to say that I now have a give and take relationship with calories – I give it out by sweating in a fitness class but take it back in by eating right after. Doesn’t make sense really if you ask me.

The Grill at Grand Hyatt Doha

The other night, I was at The Entertainer’s blogger event at The Grill in Grand Hyatt Doha. I have visited this restaurant quite a few times after I had a lavish Ramadan Iftar buffet a few months ago so when I found out that the event is in the same restaurant, there’s no saying no to it.

The Grill at Grand Hyatt Doha

We had a brief introduction about The Entertainer App which of course I ignored as I know the product by heart now, having used it for so many years both in Dubai and here in Doha. (Sorry Bridget for ignoring you! :p) I blame the delicious food laid out in front of me during the introduction.

The Grill at Grand Hyatt Doha

The food served at The Grill was as always, outstanding! We started with warm goat cheese salad followed by French onion soup. My main course choice for the evening was the vanilla-flavored chicken but just as we were about to start to devour our main course, Chef Martin came out of the kitchen with a special present for us – the Tomahawk steak.

The Grill at Grand Hyatt Doha

The Tomahawk steak of course ultimately became the highlight of the evening for all of us, the serving’s so huge that one dish is actually good for 2. If you’re feeling really hungry though, of course you can have this on your own. I wish you all the luck in the world to finish the monstrous size of it by yourself though.

I had my share of it cooked medium rare which was absolutely ammmmazing! I am getting hungry now as I am reminded of how delicious it was. I have to admit that when I saw it, I was immediately reminded of the exact same steak that we had at Del Frisco’s Steakhouse in New York – funny how food can bring back great memories for you.

The Grill at Grand Hyatt Doha


We were advised by Chef Martin that to have the best Tomahawk steak experience, he prefers to slow cook it for 2 hours so if you’re planning to order this ammazing dish (which you really should I tell you), you can give them a call ahead of time and tell them that you’re going to have this so the chef can prepare it for you. Otherwise, he can also whip it out from the kitchen in a matter of 30 minutes but he personally prefers to serve it to his diners the best way.

The Grill at Grand Hyatt Doha

Apart from the great food, it was the company that I was with which made this event as one of the bests I’ve ever attended. Along with the other bloggers whom I have already been acquainted to before, it was great to finally meet Being Layla and Quest and Mark, yes we call each other by our blog names. :p

The Grill at Grand Hyatt Doha

Great food and an even better company – needless to say it was a highly enjoyable night. I still have the Tomahawk steak in my mind, I’m planning to drag The Greek Mister there to try it out one of these days. Of course, we’ll be using our The Entertainer App voucher. 🙂 If I were you, I’d download the app now since it’s for free anyway. You also get a free trial period for 14 days which gives you an access to a few vouchers to somehow entice you of what’s in store for you if you buy it. Seriously though, it is life-changing. :p

The Grill
Grand Hyatt Doha
Tel +974 4448 1240


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