The Entertainer Qatar: Olivio Mediterranean Resto at Asas Twin Towers Doha

Olivio Mediterranean Resto, Asas Twin Towers, West Bay Doha

Another humid day in Doha, it’s like walking in a sauna as soon as you get out of an air-conditioned building or your car. Just a few more months Doha residents! Hang in there! Meanwhile, as we’re all trying to get by with the humidity enveloping our little city – let’s not forget to discover some hidden gems which offers great food, this is to somehow make us forget the heat outside. One of such hidden gems is Olivio Mediterranean Resto in Asas Twin Towers. Have you been? Of course, it was because of The Entertainer Qatar why we were even there as Olivio Mediterranean Resto is one of the many buy one, take one The Entertainer Qatar offers.

Arriving at Asas Twin Towers, I was a bit confused as it looks like a residential building to me. I approached the reception area and asked for Olivio Mediterranean Resto just to make sure that I’m at the correct building. As it turned out, Olivio is in that building but I have to give my ID to the guard and log in my details first before I am able to go to the restaurant located on the first floor. Quite an odd practice but since it is in fact a residential building, we’ll have to follow their rules. “The food better be good”, I thought.

Olivio Mediterranean Resto, Asas Twin Towers, West Bay Doha

I arrived in a very empty restaurant, the waitress was in fact a bit surprised when I walked in. I asked for a table and she pointed at the numerous empty ones in front of me. I have to admit that I was feeling a bit off at that time – it was 1pm, the peak hour of lunch time and they are located in West Bay which is surrounded by office buildings. How come they’re empty? And then I realized that their phone has never stopped ringing since I walked in and after each phone call, someone yells out a dish to the kitchen to be prepared – their delivery service is busy. I was relieved and felt a bit silly, it’s probably empty because people can’t be bothered to go out for lunch so they ask instead for food to be delivered to them. I felt like I was the only brave soul out and about under the heat of the midday Doha sun, then my friend B came. I’m no longer alone.

They handed us a take-away menu, I was craving for pasta so I ordered Olivio Special Pasta which is pasta with sauteed mushroom in three kinds of sauces – tomato, meat and white sauce. While B ordered Normandy chicken which is marinated, pan-fried chicken breast served with mashed potato, vegetables and Normandy sauce.

Olivio Mediterranean Resto, Asas Twin Towers, West Bay Doha

Olivio Mediterranean Resto, Asas Twin Towers, West Bay Doha

The Olivio Special Pasta was so tasty I finished the whole dish. As some of you may know, I am trying to impose a strict diet plan wherein I’d only eat half of the dish served and will take the other half for another meal at home. There’s no halving of anything though if a dish is as good as Olivio Special Pasta. The combination of the sauces created this incredibly creamy and meaty taste which will definitely make you ask for more as you take a forkful of it. Writing about it now makes my mouth water. B was also very pleased with her Normandy chicken. She said the sauce made a whole lot of difference on her dish.

Olivio Mediterranean Resto, Asas Twin Towers, West Bay Doha

Lesson learned for the day: Don’t judge a restaurant by its empty space because you might just miss out on some of the great food it offers. Olivio may have lacked on the ambiance and service but we came there for a great meal which is what we received. And I do believe that if this restaurant is located in a mall or hotel, it would be packed.

QAR55 Normandy Chicken
QAR15 1 Large Badoit Water
QAR5 1 Small Regular Water
** The Olivio Special Pasta priced at QAR45 is free of charge after using The Entertainer Qatar voucher.

Olivio Mediterranean Resto
Asas Twin Towers, West Bay
Tel No. 4441 0993
Facebook page

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  • trainswestcan2espano August 29, 2015 at 17:06

    Hi, Mi- IS IT SANDY As well. Scrummy ymummy layout and food. Melting in my mouth just to look at.
    kinds regards

    • Pinay Flying High August 29, 2015 at 17:28

      Welcome back B! Great to hear from you again. 🙂
      Yes, very sandy. Park your car outside for a day and it’ll change its color the next day. Hah!

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