Expat Life in Dubai

The Dubai Metro.

August 20, 2012

Since the metro here in Dubai started operating, life has been easier (cheaper) for me. There’s not a place that I go to which isn’t near to one of the metro stations or maybe I just conform my daily activities according to the metro stations? True in a way because when I was looking for a new salon I was just looking at those places with metro stations. 🙂 Well it’s convenient, efficient and a cheaper alternative to a cab. Having one of the stations situated right smack in front of my building, it really is my preferred mode of transportation these days.

Here comes the train.

Efficiency at its best.

Have you ever seen a train as clean as this one? Where?

The only thing I really hate and really ticks me off when I’m taking the metro are those people who can’t seem to make their pea-sized brain grasp the simple logic that you must let people out of the train first before getting in it and that they should not stand in front of the door like what this guy is doing:

So if you are one of them, please please please for heaven’s sake DO NOT STAND IDIOTICALLY LIKE WHAT THIS GUY IS DOING IN FRONT OF THE TRAIN’S DOOR. Let those passengers inside get out first before pushing your way in. It’s not really rocket science you know?

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