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The dream which scared the crap out of myself.

April 10, 2011

I was inside our building elevator earlier when I suddenly felt the strong sense of deja vu. I suddenly felt like I was missing out on something, then finally a flash back of my dream the night before started playing in my mind:

I was in the same elevator on my way to the third floor of my building. The elevator suddenly started shrinking until it can only fit myself, so I literally felt like I was inside a coffin or something which scared the hell out of me as I’m somewhat claustrophobic. Then when I reached the third floor, I can see that the door was trying to open itself but something/someone is refraining it to do so. Then I heard a loud voice from the other side of the door which made me panic all the more. I don’t know what it was saying but I can just hear noise like thunder from the other side. I started screaming and whenever I try to pray, my mouth will suddenly shut itself. Then finally, when I was able to open my mouth to start praying I woke up and the weirdest thing was, I was muttering the words: “but deliver us from evil amen…..” when I opened my eyes – which of course are the last words of Our Lord’s Prayer. Took awhile for me to get back to sleep afterwards.

That dream together with this scene from the movie The Eye, will probably keep on scaring the bejesus out of me whenever I ride elevators by myself:

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