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The (dreaded) birthday

October 16, 2010

a quick recap about my dumdum life in dubai:

1. just got back from an all-expense paid trip to the Maldives and got myself an even tan, for the very first time. woot woot! well at least on my arms and shoulders. the trip was good although I’m just not the Maldives-type of a girl. well, first of all it’s too posh for me. second, i can’t afford it. third, it’s too boring there. this is coming from someone who LOVED the island of Boracay in the Philippines where you get the sea, sun and a crazy nightlife. the last bit is the most important for me, no nightlife – not for mimi.

2. i’ve been shifted to our head office and a lot of things have changed. firstly, i’ve become more of a b*tch there compared to when i was in the previous outlet for reasons that i only i can understand.

3. my new room is swaggeristic! (i’ve no idea where that word came from) it’s actually too big for one person haha! i still need to put some other things in there so it will look more homey but i’m just all too bored to go back to ikea or log on to dubizzle to search for a couch, center table and a carpet – three things that i would need to make my place rockin’! (again, i have no idea what’s wrong with my adjectives these days)

4. i am an alcoholic. i need to have a glass of baileys before going to bed otherwise, i can’t have a good night’s sleep. (what are you looking at? like a glass of baileys can kill you!)

5. nothing, i just want to put a number 5 on the update because i’m OC like that.

anyway, so my birthday is coming up and this, i think is the only birthday that i really am not looking forward to. my God!!!!!! i am about to be a 27 year old lady and what did i just do with my life all those years? i am THISCLOSE to saying nothing productive, but oh well at least i was able to travel the world (ok, part of it) which is my ultimate dream since only God knows how long. but other than that, what else? well, to say the least – i’m broke. at 27, i am broke! bleh! job’s stagnant and no investment yet (i am trying very hard to finally get one of my dream investment in the philippines before i turn 27, but given the fact that it’s only 6 days until i turn 27 and i still don’t have the papers for it – it is now safe for me to say that i will turn 27 with nothing really special going on in my life – financially. :p

my aunt sent me an email the other day saying “you’re almost 27!”. i am not very sure if it’s some sort of warning or reminder (like i will forget my own birthday) or just a pity remark towards my life. i think i should stop celebrating my birthday so i will not get pressured with all these hoobalous and just live my life like i am not aging (oh crap! i AM aging! huhuhu) can someone please press the STOP button?

ANYWAY, i’m too old for this but here goes my birthday wish list just because these are the only things which can make me forget that i am a loser at 27 years old:

1. a laptop – haha! mine is too old (like me) to function now. i really don’t mind a second hand laptop if you have anything extra lying around in your apartment. :p

2. a portable disc – because mine only has a capacity of 150GB to which my boyfriend gave me a very weird look as if to say “wtf were you thinking buying a useless 150GB portable disc?” you see, i was under the impression that i would need the portable disc just to save my photos – never really realizing that i’m Asian and that i take a photo of my food before i eat it.

3. an ipod – because mine is already broken. again, i wouldn’t mind a second hand one. tee hee.

4. dresses, shoes and bags – just to throw in those things to make my list a “girly” one. i’m not really into branded clothes so whatever you see at the Fab Frocks website which you think would look good on me will be highly appreciated. But I would really LOVE to have this on size 9, this, this, or this. for a cheaper version with the same quality, you can always visit this website because i would really love to have this , in fact i think i’m going to order it now. :p

5. someone to be with me on Edward Maya’s concert – of course the boyfriend is the first choice but with what’s going on right now in their company, he might be shifted to abu dhabi on the day of my actual birthday. so i would need a back up as i really don’t want to spend my birthday moping around my room finishing a bottle of baileys all by my sorry self. friends???? anyone???? 🙂

6. Baileys – i will always remember you who gives this on my birthday before i go to sleep at night. 🙂

7. a true and everlasting love – just because i’d like to throw that in there.

ANYWAY….. i hope santa gives me a cheque as an early christmas gift on the day of my birthday so i can treat you, my friends to a blasting party! :p

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