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the crazies at work

September 11, 2010

Crazy # 1: the early check-in

passenger walks in the building with his luggage and walked straight to my counter.

pax: i would like to check-in
mi (dumbfounded): i’m sorry, what?
pax: i have a flight tonight going to karachi and i would like to check-in.
mi (still dumbfounded): i’m very sorry but what do you mean by that?
pax: i want to check-in my luggage here
mi: there is no such facility here in this building, check-ins are only done at the airport.
pax: but you are (insert name of my company here), you’re a sister company of the airline i’m traveling with tonight. you should have that facility.
mi: sir, check-ins are only done at the airport.
pax: ok, is there any other place here in dubai that i can check-in my luggage for my flight tonight?
mi: yes, AT THE AIRPORT!!!
pax: you should have a check-in service other than the airport. it’s unacceptable!!!! (passenger then walks off and headed straight to the airline’s counter at the mezannine floor to probably check if he can do it with them)
mi: (stabs her eye with a pen)

Crazy # 2: the last-minute holiday

passenger walks in the building armored heavily with all our holiday brochures at 5:15pm.

pax: i would like to go for a holiday
mi: for what date?
pax: today
mi: today? where?
pax: in Jumeira Bab Al Shams, the one on your brochure.
mi: the particular hotel is already sold out for the eid.
pax: ok then just give me any hotels here in the UAE or muscat or cairo or amman
mi: well, i’m afraid that i will not be able to give you an immediate confirmation on any hotels right now as everything will be on a waitlist status since tomorrow is already the eid holiday break. it will take us quite some time to work out on the confirmation of those hotels and today being the eve of eid, most of our suppliers are probably already closed. as for the flights, i can tell you right now that all of the flights going to cairo and amman are already full and waitlisted reservations will no longer be accepted.
pax: but you are (insert name of my company here), the biggest agency in dubai. if the other small agencies can’t give me a confirmation you should have because you’re a big company (then passenger walks out the building fuming with anger)
mi: (drops jaw in amazement)

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