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the case of the restricted passport

February 2, 2009

Got an email from management team that a certain 5-star hotel in Mauritius is giving a free hotel stay for our company. And with that, our company organized a team-building in Mauritius on this specific hotel and anyone who’s interested can join. As soon as I received this mail, I was practically raising both my hands and yelling ME! ME! ME! when my supervisor asked us who’s interested to avail of this promo. The team-building is set for Feb13-16. Checked with the airline for the visa process and was advised that it takes 12 working days. TOINKS!!!!!!! Then asked if there can be a rushed process and she said yes there is, 10 working days. But that means that i have to submit everything today. Was also advised by the agent that she cannot guarantee that visa will be released before the travel date. BUMMER!!!!!Why does the Philippine passport need to be restricted anyway (uh well, aside from the fact that it is a third world country)? Oh well, I could already taste the salty seawater of Mauritius. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity as the hotels in Mauritius are not exactly very cheap. Got no problems with the ticket since I can just avail the discounted ones that we get, but…. well….. that’s just how life is for someone with restricted passport.

I will go to Brazil someday and attend their mardi gras. … at least i don’t need a visa there. YALLA!

On a different note, I watched “the day the earth stood still” last night. Horrible, horrible and did I say horrible movie? Am really not into sci-fi thrillers, aliens or doomsday films, just watched it because I still feel guilty for making Chubby watch Twilight instead of this film which was his choice. Well, all I can say is – vampires are way cooler than aliens personified by no other than Keanu Reeves. Acting was horrible and the plot was nonsense – if there even is a plot.

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