The case of the geographically-challenged passenger

In a normal, non-hectic Saturday at work

PAX: I would like to make a reservation please going to Brazil
ME: For what dates and do you have any preferred airlines?
PAX: No, I just need the reservation to apply for my Schengen visa
ME: You’re going to Brazil right?
PAX: Yes, my sister is getting married in Brasilia
ME: It’s not part of the Schengen countries
PAX: What do you mean?
ME: You cannot apply for a Schengen visa and go to Brazil
PAX: Are you sure????
ME: Oh yes, definitely.
PAX: How come? I always travel and when I get a Schengen visa I can go to any countries
ME: But that’s only valid for Schengen countries. Schengen countries are in Europe, Brazil is in South America. It’s a completely different continent that you’re going to.
PAX: Oh! (still sounding a bit doubtful) I’ll just come back I need to double check with my sister.


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