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The Case of Jacque Bermejo.

September 27, 2009

during the height of the super typhoon in the Philippines, there is also an issue brewing here in the sandpit about a facebook comment of a certain Jacque Bermejo at the website Definitely Filipino which stirred a havoc in the http world.

Jacque Bermejoat

i am not sure how true this is but am certainly hoping that it’s not, otherwise i don’t think the idea of having a person as stupid (for not realizing how much chaos her single entry can cause in the world wide web plus the fact that it’s just a moronic and idiotic thing to say in times like these) and as heartless as she is exists in this world. if this is true i beg for her to be gutted alive.

although i am giving her the benefit of the doubt as there are 2 accounts on facebook under her name – one is Jackie Bermejo and another one as Jacque Bermejo. so there is a little bit of doubt there that the Jacque Bermejo account may have been hacked, but even so…. i still don’t find the logic of it.

so for Ms. Jacque or JAckie Bermejo, you’re free to air your side on my blog if this whole shenanigans was all but a lie. But if this is in fact true and you really made that comment about the disaster your filipino folks have gone thru then you are just one disgusting son of a b*tch.

Disclaimer: i believe in freedom of speech and she has the right to air out her opinions (regardless of how grammatically incorrect, idiotic and moronic the remark may be). and yes, the Filipino people has the right to react on her half-witted remark (again, if the case is true as i still want to believe that there is no such person who can say something like that). i am one with the filipino nation (as i’ve always been..)

p.s. the girl is an instant celebrity… she became a household name overnight in less than 9 hours. talk about publicity. :p

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  • Reply sandy October 4, 2009 at 18:56

    is this a real official statement of the company? seriously? if yes, then the managing director needs to take a course of the English grammar… the statement got some grammatical errors going in there. don’t they have proof readers to check it?

  • Reply liza October 4, 2009 at 15:23

    OFFICIAL STATEMENT from her Dubai employer, Casaprestige. Please see below containing the link or URL –
    http://www.casaprestige.ae/key.html. CASAPRESTIGE official statement

    In regards to rumors circulating around Ms. Jacqueline Bermejo.

    We would like to firstly clarify that Ms. Bermejo is not officially connected to our organization but rather helped our brand development through the offering of marketing/media advice for a temporary period being a personal friend to some of the CASAPRESTIGE team.

    Having said that CASAPRESTIGE can again on a personal and professional level vouch for Ms. Bermejo to a 101% – condemning all these disturbing and groundless allegations made against her, we are 101% sure because we were with here when she went to Dubai Police and the cyber crime department a year ago and last week again having received life threatening and aggressive messages from her own countrymen forcing her to go to the Philippine embassy to form an affidavit.

    To the concerned Filipino communities and individuals around the globe we urge you to not believe everything you read especially if it’s from less than credible sources such these online communities.

    Facebook is not where you should be getting your information/news . . .

    Instead we ask you to refer to her official statements given to GULF NEWS and other Philippine based OFFICIAL media sources:


    please do look into it, she deserve to be heard her,

    “Suppressio very expression falsi” – a suppression of truth is equivalent to an expression of falsehood as a wise person wrote in,

    We also would like to point out that the numbers 0503416640/044329633 are not connected to Ms. Bermejo but are indeed CASAPRESTIGE business numbers which are unable to provide information beyond this statement.


    Antonio Lupi – Managing director

    Robeen R. Kobeen – operational partner

  • Reply Sunflower October 4, 2009 at 08:19

    @ chie– nabasa mo na ba lahat ng issues and write ups? nung nakita nyo yung post under name ni Jackie Bermejo, nag conclude kayo agad na siya yun, definitely siya yun! pero nagsalita na xa claming na hindi xa yun, pero hindi kayo nag dalawang isip agad na hindi nga xa yun.. what i am trying to say is, wag nyo husgahan ang tao na wala naman kau evidence.. naglabasan na yung mga statement and patunay na the person under that account ay HINDI SI JACQUE BERMEJO.. hindi ba kayo nagbabasa or talagang mahirap lang para sa inyo na intindihin yun since naka sara na yung mind nyo sa isang paniniwala?.. she’s not my friend, i dont really knw her, d kami relatives, pero feel pity for her sa ginagawa nyo.. tingnan mo yang binitiwanan mo na salita.. parang sinasabi mo rin yan sa sarili mo.. be resourceful and investigative para ma feed nyo ng information yung mga curiosity mind nyo.. wag kayo puro husga..

    @ hpv– ikaw ang dapat ma koncenxa sa mga pinagsasabi mo.. hindi kayo scientist para mag conclude agad pagkakita nyo ng unang result.. so many statement and proof na ang lumalabas pero d pa rin kayo tumitigil.. instead na magsalita kayo ng masasama, atupagin nyo yung pagtulong sa mga biktima..

    • Reply chie October 8, 2009 at 07:17

      hell..do i need your opinion?haha
      kung sa bagay SAME FEATHERS FLOCK TOGETHER …
      ALAM MO UNG HACKING?haha miss do you even know what does hacked means?it is a sort of a crime?ikaw ngawan k ng crime kung kelan lumala saka k lng magrereact?haha that’s so stupid…i dont need your nonsense ipinions and statement..that jacque bermejo was a criminal by her own blogs and idiot statements about poor filipinos who ‘ve been offended!!!!
      wag kng magtnggol dahil ikaw mismo wala kng alam!!
      about pagtulong?do you even know me?hahha cnu may sabing hindi ako tumutlong!!!!
      hell you and jacque are both criminals !!!!!!!
      sama sama kayong magpakamaty!!!
      at isa pa dont try to reply again nagmumuka kng walang alam lalo hindi ko hinihingi opinyon mo ihh am i asking for it?hahahah!!!!!!

  • Reply chie October 4, 2009 at 05:28


  • Reply chie October 4, 2009 at 05:23

    whatever the reason will be hindi mo dapat sinsabi yan ..in fact hindi ako naniniwala na hindi ikaw ang gumawa ng comment na gnyan unang una sa lahat haup ka pilipino karin nmn if i know domestic helper ka lng sa dubai!!!!!!!!!ang kapal ng muka mo para madsabi ng gnyan if i know hindi mo lang akalain na ganito mangyayari sa sinulat mo kaya ngaun nagpapalusot ka nlng…demonyo ka!!!ang masasabi ko lang sayung haup ka magpakamatay k nlng kc one of this days dahil jan sa matabil at walang sense mong dila mapapatay ka din nmn!!!!!ALAM MO BA HA 17 YEARS OLD LANG AKO PERO HINDI KO MATANGGAP NA NASALANATA NA ANG M,ARAMING PILIPINO GANYAN PA MENTALIDAD MO BAKIT HINDI NLNG IKAW ANG NABAON SA LUPA NG BUHAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reply hpv October 1, 2009 at 02:26

    kalokohan ang sinasabi nyang na-“HACK” si JACKIE or JACQUE. nyong mag nagtatanggol sa kanya sana makonsensya at tamaan kayo ng KIDLAT!!!!!!!!

  • Reply remy ellen edwards September 30, 2009 at 14:56

    I couldn’t agree more with Galatea, Ricci and mj regarding that UP thing. I posted a comment on another site in response to JB’s brother’s comment in her defense saying “my sister is a UP graduate and don’t speak english like that”, but it was deleted. So I am going to put my 2 cents again: Actually more than 2; am not sure what her brother is implying by stating that her sister is a UP graduate. Really? then let her come out and be one, and defend herself. And who in the world uses complete words and sentences when communicating online and send text messages with friends and families? Most of us if not all uses the internet lingo to communicate in a fast manner, di ba? So it doesn’t really matter what school a person has attended and how many caps we have on our head. Idinamay pa ang eskwelahan na nag mold sa kanya to be a good person. What is important is who we become…..Overseas, who cares about a person’s degree, wala po, either we hold a managerial position, we work for ourselves or we work under someone’s else supervision, kailangan pa rin po natin makisama at makipagkapwa. More than 19 years na akong naninirahan overseas, pero manantili ho akong filipino by heart and soul. At higit sa sa lahat wala po akong nakaaway. Now JB came out and issue a statement to clear her name………am not sure if I will buy it and I couldn’t care less. The damage has been done and have hurt many of us. I am just hoping that we all learn from this…Hindo po magandang tingnan kahit saang angulo natin tingnan. Having finished school doesn’t make anybody supreme over another. Mag pakatao po tayong lahat…..Last but not least, sainyo lahat ng OFW, mag ingat ho kayo palagi, and I am proud of you all. I pray that the Good Lord keep you all in his hands and bring you back safely to your love ones.

  • Reply KM September 30, 2009 at 14:38

    kung sino ka man na jacquie/jackie bermejo sana naisip mo na me mga bata din na nasawi sa nangyari dito, ibig mo bang sabihin lahat ng pinoy makasalanan? hindi ka ba proud na pilipino ka o kinakahiya mo lahi mo, pwes kung kinakahiya mo lahi mo, wala k ng magagawa, di mo na mababago pagkatao mo, pilipino ka pa rin, wala k na ngang nagawang tulong, magsasalita ka pa ng hindi maganda sa kapwa mo pinoy, minsan nga naman ang sobrang talino ng isang tao ay nakakabobo, marami kang damdamin na nasaktan, ako nga na hindi namatayan ng mahal sa buhay nasasaktan sa sinabi mo, paano p ang mga tao na namatayan,pag na lang bumalik ng pinas… nakakahiya ka.. sarili mong dugo, natutuwanalaman ang mga pinagsasabi mo? di b mas masakit para sa kanila un?
    Maraming pilipino ang nasaktan mo, mag public apology ka na lang, mag-ingat ka maraming mata ang nakatingin sa ‘yo, mabuti pa seguro wag k k pa sa mga nangyari… ayokong murahin ka kahit sobra ang galit na nararamdaman ko sa ‘yo, saka kung magmmura ako mas magiging bobo p ako sa yo na parang walang pinag=aralan, mga kaibigan ni jacquie/jackie, wag n ninyo siyang ipagtanggol, wala na kayong magagawa, nagawa na niya ng pagkakamali niya, “MALAKING PAGKAKAMALI!!!” hindi ako sintalino mo, pero hindi rin ako sing-bobo mo!

    • Reply hpv October 1, 2009 at 02:32


  • Reply Akong September 29, 2009 at 16:29

    Hacking or Cloning? which is which? Let’s simply clarify: when you say HACKING..this means someone has the ability to log into the target account by entering the correct password for the said account. Total control can be done on it once the malicious hacker takes hold.

    CLONING on the other hand is creating another account with a slightly different name (spelling) but will somehow sound/appear like the original account. This wicked act will allow the nasty creator to post stolen pictures of the target person and post mean messages.

    Bermejo has implied that her account in Facebook was HACKED and someone manipulated it for two years? If this is so, she can just simply deleted the account if nasty comments are being posted. She can either report them to the FB Admins that someone was using her hacked account.

    If it was CLONED, the offense can also be reported.

    Alin ba talaga Ate Jackie/Jacque? hah?!!

  • Reply Ricci S. September 29, 2009 at 13:39

    ok ok ive been checking this if it is true, and indeed the servers are running frantically because of this. If Ingwer here is correct, her friends are one those pretty but boba girls, maybe it is true. another thing, sometimes users (pinoys) who rent at icafes forget to log-off (i am an ofw myself and i made the same mistake at ym, pinagmumura sis ko :() and the next one probably did it (no hacking here, hack is different for posing), anyway we did see the reply, pero im not satisfied especially dun sa brother’s reason – so what if she graduated from UP, no need to tell all those blah blah’s and all. this is another malou (same as she mentioned that sharing a ride with ofw’s is like hell or something), but a lot worse. finally, for my 2 cents, if she really did this, lets pray for her soul na makakita ng liwanag…then sunugin ang kaluluwa sa kumukulong asupre…nyahahaha

    • Reply galatea234 September 29, 2009 at 14:11

      that UP thing irked me as well…. so what if she’s from UP? does it make her God? does your alma mater define your personality???? pero pinalampas ko na lang, feeling ko kasi ako lang ang nakapansin…. ikaw din pala. haha

      • Reply Ricci S. September 30, 2009 at 05:06

        @galatea234 – were on the same boat, bakit sinasali ang alma mater sa ganyan? as you said, does it make her God? may inaway din ako dyan sa abroad eh, akala mo kung sino nag La salle pa raw cya and masters sa UP, pahirap din pala sa mga kapwa OFW (HR kasi). di ko na pinatulan – naawa na lang ako – di naman cya makatulog sa gabi.

      • Reply mj September 30, 2009 at 13:50

        @galatea234 and Ricci S …… Naphiya pa kamo ang UP sa ginawa nya and buong angkan ng pamilya nya npahiya na rin, …. i guess she had an explanation done on television but i dunno when it will be aired, oh well….cnu pa ba maniniwala sa knya? camel lang cguro sa dubai maniwala sa knya….her credentials won’t save any of her wrong doing…. nice try for those who tried to defend her…pero sa ginawa nya na paglapastangan LAHI NATIN, i myself’s already corrupted of her statement, sa lahat ng tao na may halong dugong pinoy…MASAKIT ang sinabi nya…and i admit namuo ang luha ko sa sinabi nyang we deserve it…d ko lubos maisip na may pilipinong katulad nya….my dutch friend’s even concern kahit d cla pinoy…mas mabuti pa ang mga criminal at mga pulitikong hangal dyan….sa trahedyang hinaharap naten ngaun, may na itutulong cla…. she’s definitely NOT A FILIPINO!

      • Reply chie October 4, 2009 at 08:09

        ate my god she so pathetic!!!pathetic coz she dont even know what shes talking about..my god i do believe shes insane..talking about that up issue?haha so what kung taga up sya?hello un n nga tga up ka pa nyang lagay nayan!!!!!

    • Reply galatea234 September 30, 2009 at 15:24

      well what can we do? it’s the typical filipino mentality – the neighborhood you grew up on, the school you graduated from and the cellphone model you’re using defines your social status and apparently your personality as well…. PATHETIC!!!!

  • Reply Ingwer September 29, 2009 at 12:17

    The fact that she responded with venom twice makes one wonder if she really meant what she said (or her ghostwriter wrote) on her ‘hacked’ alibi. Even her friends standing up for her sound exactly like her, grammatically challenged, at makitid ang utak.
    birds of the same feather… pluck each other! LOL.

    I have no compassion for wenches like this, she got what she deserved, the wrath of Pinoys.

  • Reply Marissa Belason September 29, 2009 at 10:59

    i agree to mr. aratuc comment…jacque y don’t you just pray for the victims of typhoon ondoy instead of making some issues about the filipinos out there? makakatulong ka pa at marami pang matutuwa sau na kapwa mo hindi ung kung ano ano ang mga pinagsasabi mong di mo naman pinag iisipan…account hacked????? sa panahon ngayon marami ang gumagawa ng ganyang alibi pero in the end sila pa rin talaga ang mismong gumagamit ng account na sinasabi nilang hacked account kaya di na ako naniniwala jan lalo’t computer graduate din ako…makisali ka na lang sa maraming pilipinong nagdadasal or much better mag donate ka na lang ng pinag paguran mo jan sa dubai ng mabawasan naman ang galit ng mga pinoy sau…hope you’ve learned the lesson kung pano maging isang pinoy and be proud of it!

  • Reply allan aratuc September 29, 2009 at 10:43

    lumingon ka naman sa pinangalingan mo, makakarating ka ba ng dubai kung d dahil sa mga kababayan mo pilipino, para kang langaw nakadapo lang sa likod ng kalabaw akala m kalabaw ka na rin! hoy inday babalik ka rin ng pinas at sa time na yun mararamdaman mo galit ng kapwa mo pinoy! pasalamat ka at d kasama sa mga nasalanta mga magulang m!

  • Reply maki de luna September 29, 2009 at 05:50

    whether its the real jacque bermejo or a hacker, still, the fact is that the person is a Filipino, and to have a heartless comment like that for the same nationality that you are born with, its ruthless. Sana the person felt the same devastation na lang to herself sana sa kanya na lang bumagsak lahat ng ulan sa pilipinas.

  • Reply mj September 29, 2009 at 04:40

    jacque…..kumukulo dugo ko sayo….where you from ba?…what’s your race?… your being a big time *itch! your a disgrace to the filipino community there in dubai….kahit ask mo pa sila! hacked????? lumang plaka na yan….d yan lulusot….don’t ever step on philippine soil kung ayaw mo paliguan ng putik ng kapwa mo pilipino….oh sorry she’s not pala a filipino…she’s from outer space! ggggrrrrr….sorry guys… my lola just died this morning and maybe she doesnt know the feeling to lost someone she love….this tragic is a lost to everyone…..hope it’ll not happen to her family…. jacque…whoever you are….He may forgive you but the Filipino people…can kaya?

    • Reply galatea234 September 29, 2009 at 07:37

      sorry for your loss MJ

      • Reply yenoh September 29, 2009 at 09:38

        r u a frnd of dis “heartless girl”? it seems dat u’r defending her…but anyway just lyk wat ader kabayan prayed, sana sa kanya lahat bumagsak lahat ng bagyong darating pa dun satin! grrrrrrrr!

  • Reply galatea234 September 28, 2009 at 14:31

    i don’t know, am finding it hard to believe now that the account was hacked since she had all the time in the world to clear out her name yesterday. i once found out that some girl was using my photo on her MSN account and as soon as i found out about it, i tried everything to get her MSN id, talked to my IT friends and asked them what’s the best thing to do to make her stop using it or even just find out where she’s from and also i sent an email to hotmail if they can block that ID since the user was posing as me. the point is, I DID SOMETHING ON THAT VERY SAME DAY because i was pissed that someone was so pathetic to be using my photos for her own convenience.

    so she had all the time in the world to clear out her name but she never did. her friends should have protected and supported her from the very start but they just came out after a day of the hiatus. so it’s rather a bit strange…

    — again, just my thought…

    • Reply bugz October 1, 2009 at 10:47

      are you that interestingly gorgous for others to be interested in using your photos????

      i doubt it. SERIOUSLY, woman!

      • Reply galatea234 October 1, 2009 at 14:38

        EXACTLY my sentiments! am not that “interestingly gorgeous”, apparently some people do find it interesting and steal it and use it as their own. capeesh!

  • Reply Remy Ellen Edwards September 28, 2009 at 13:39

    if the site have her picture on her account how could that possibly not her? Because it doesn’t matter if there were two different accounts with the same name, but are spelled differently. But we also know that anybody can have multiple accounts in an assume name. Those two names could possibly belong to one person, which I really don’t care. What I care about is the way how the comment was said… It is sickening to my stomach, that I could not even tell you how disgusted I am about it. She is an instant celebrity? for what? Give me a break.

  • Reply Grace September 28, 2009 at 12:35

    a friend in dubai said that she knew that pinay and it was really her fb account and she was thinking that maybe if the best reason to give people that her account was hacked..?? maybe she thought she could get away with what she said.. i’m afraid that there’s more to come her way from fellow filipinos even in Dubai..

  • Reply anonymous September 28, 2009 at 09:55

    this has gone so far. it has been spreading so fast that a lot of people knew about this already. we don’t know the real person behind this kind of anger-penetrating comment that was published on facebook. when i saw the comment, i almost made a second de motion reply to those who replied to her comment but then i also read the other side of the story that it was a fake account. maybe what we should do is to stop giving back negative comments about ms jacque. let’s not try to be one-sided.

  • Reply gel September 28, 2009 at 09:32

    even if it was not the real jackie…it’s so sad…kc my mga taong ndi iniisip ang nraramdaman ng iba…..

  • Reply galatea234 September 28, 2009 at 06:30

    i would need the real jacke/jacque bermejo to tell me that…. 🙂

  • Reply blabber c',) September 27, 2009 at 23:40

    hi…i just read that it was a fraud fb account and that the real jackie bermejo is now afraid because of harrassment…who ever hacked her account (if that’s what really happened) is totally mean…

    let us pray for our country.

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