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the case of a message wrongfully sent to someone

August 9, 2009

i usually have one of those stupid moments when i absent-mindedly send a message to someone else other than the intended recipient. the worst part is if you have sent it to someone who you were gossiping about on your text message, that’s just the worst that can ever happen to me – or so i thought.

i had one of those moments this morning…

i was on the phone with a passenger and took my cellphone from my bag and started composing the message below with my hands under the table…

“the boss is in a very bad mood, please come in on time”

i was still on the phone with a passenger when i clicked on the names of my colleagues to send it to. blindly, i clicked on the send button without even checking if i got the names right.

2mins later, my phone went beeping with a message as follows:

“thank you noemi for informing your colleagues that am not in a good mood today and having them come in early”

no further explanations needed. i wanted to die right that moment.

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