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October 16, 2009

so i guess am finally living up to my 2009’s new year’s resolution – never go back to the same club/bar that i’ve already been to. it’s funny because just when i have filed my bankcruptcy, all the weekends which followed were all great. thanks to the very good “event planning” of my friends and the boyfriend of course who won’t stop until he gets a dose of alcohol in his system on a thursday night.

the lucky club for the night to which we graced our presence was Calabar at the Address hotel. it’s my second time to go there (i know, i know against my new year’s resolution) but the first was not for “clubbing reasons”, it was for dinner instead. i do remember fairly well that the place had a nice al fresco dining area with the magnificent view of the Burj Dubai and it was indeed breathtaking. too bad the boyfriend is not suffering from a serious case of photo addiction and i know that asking him to take a photo of myself with the whole of burj dubai as my background will cost me a big sigh of frustration and a whole night of teasing.

the place was “swanky” – high tables, high chairs, cozy sofas (both indoor and outdoor), a well-equipped bar in the middle of it all and a latin/house music to match the mood were made of pure win. you’d think that it will cost you a fortune for a glass of mojito but it was priced AED50 only (i’d say “only” because the ambience of this whole club is so good that i wouldn’t mind paying AED50 for a mojito here compared to paying AED55 at the hive bar which is only 5 dirhams more). beers were priced AED36 per glass.

it’s just too bad that we could not find an empty table at the outdoor patio so we ended up at one of those cozy sofas inside the club just beside the floor-to-ceiling entrance door.

the place was filled with young and hip and ultra gorgeous people. i think it’s going to be one of those great-for-hook-ups bar here in dubai. the service was also not that bad. although the waiter from the outdoor bar seem to forgot that we had a change of 100dirhams from the mojitos we ordered. :p

after sweating our asses off from dancing, after 2 rounds of drinks (4 for the boyfriend who claims that he’s not a drunkard), after learning the art of rolling your own cigarette and after breaking one glass and hiding the broken glass with its debris behind the curtains we finally called it a night and headed to (where else?) zaatar w zeit at sheikh zayed road.

the calabar verdict: i would definitely go back there but i would have to get myself a table at the outdoor patio next time to admire burj dubai in all its glory and splendor.

my entourage

my entourage

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