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The Butcher Shop & Grill | Jumeira Beach Residence, Dubai

February 1, 2011
Butcher Shop And Grill, Dubai

Jumeira beach residence has always been a place we go to to enjoy the view while eating a mediocre food. I’ve never had anything really fantastic in JBR but yes, the place is real nice.

Armed with my Entertainer voucher and an appetite for a good steak, we thought we’d give JBR another shot and went to The Butcher Shop & Grill. It was dubai jazz festival that night and the restaurant was just right in front of the stage itself where all the artists perform for free – superb! So we had to sit outside to make the most out of this free musical spectacle – even if it’s a little too cold for me. 🙂

As soon as we sat down, the waiters, like a well-rehearsed ballet number, came to our table to put water on our glass, bring the complimentary bread with lots of dip choices including my favorite olive oil with balsamic vinegar, gave each of us a menu and put the little white cloth on our lap. All these things were happening simultaneously. It was funny and pretty amazing at the same time.

I ordered a rib eye steak and the boyfriend ordered the steak fillet. For starters, we ordered onion rings. The main course and appetizer came altogether which was a bit of a downside for us as we’re both hungry and was expecting to have something to munch on while waiting for them to do our steak well done. The good news is, the steak was perfect! I initially thought that it’s a small portion (considering that most of the restaurants in Dubai serve everything in big portions) but it was thickly cut and very filling, I couldn’t finish it.  I ordered the garlic and mushroom sauce which are both perfect for my steak. I tried the boyfriend’s steak fillet and found it bland and flavorless but the boyfriend liked it.

my rating: I’d give it a 10 out of 10, good food (at least the rib eye that i ordered), great ambiance and great staff. at last! a restaurant in JBR which is worth the 30mins travel from my house (including the heavy traffic on weekends). 🙂

i used my entertainer voucher and saved AED98 off the total bill.

Total ENTERTAINER VOUCHER savings: AED193.00

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