The busy Sunday.

The boyfriend came to Dubai 2 days ago to spend 37 hours with me before he goes for his vacation. The bastard gets 1 month off every 2 months and yes, we are already in that stage of our relationship that I don’t need to tell him anymore that it is required of him to spend at least 30 hours with me before he goes for his 3 weeks vacation (the last week will be spent with me :)).

Anyhoots, so Saturday night we went to Belgian Beer Cafe at Grand Millenium Al Barsha. I can probably say that it’s my new favorite bar, if only it’s not too far away from my house – I’d probably be there every single weekend. 🙂 We had mussels which comes with fries and I had a beer. Yes, a beer. A 250ml Belle Vue Kriek beer and I was not even able to finish it. As I was nearing half of the glass, the left side of my jaw, neck, arms upto my elbows started aching. Reminded me so much of what happened while I was in Phuket before I figured out that I was having a gastritis attack. So I ordered the boring cranberry with sprite afterwards.

Mmmmm beer.... Not good for me.... 🙁

yummy mussels!

The next day we went to Jumeira Beach Residence to have coffee (hot chocolate for me) and I was quite surprised that the place was crowded on a Sunday morning. Aren’t they supposed to be at work or something? After coffee, we went to the nearby Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa and spent an afternoon at Salamar, the very relaxed lounge at the garden area of the resort. The boyfriend had a couple of beers and I had an iced tea. Of course staff discount was applied. Yippeeee! 🙂

In the evening we had a reversed dinner – dessert first at Carluccio’s in Dubai Marina Mall before walking all the way to Amwaj Rotana to have dinner at The Butcher Shop and Grill at The Walk. I’m not a very big fan of that restaurant but my feet was already killing me after walking for about 4 km in a 3-inch stilettos and that was the nearest “ok” restaurant from where we came from. I was THISCLOSE to throwing a tantrum towards the boyfriend – you know, throwing my shoes at him or maybe pricking his eye with the heels of my stilettos for making me walk that far – but was able to keep it to myself as I didn’t want to ruin the evening before he goes for his vacation. Besides, it was a perfect weather to walk along the marina while the concrete jungles of Dubai beams at you. If I had known that the boyfriend was planning a romantic, 4-km walk – I shouldn’t have worn the stupid shoes. Anyway, after my very bland and very unremarkable Caesar Salad at The Butcher Shop & Grill (seriously, how can you fail on a caesar salad??), we went to Amwaj Rotana’s Rosso for an after-dinner drinks. I had capri which was this fantastic non-alcoholic drink with cranberry, sprite, cherries and cucumber. It was refreshing at the same time addictive. Wow! I can’t believe I just said that. Addictive? Cranberry, sprite and cucumber? How lame of me to say it?

Well, that was my Sunday! I hope you had a good one as well.

Note: I’ll skip the Photo-A-Day challenge because my mind is malfunctioning more than the usual today.


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