The Business Class Passengers


At work….

Two very normal looking girls walked in the office carrying with them the amount of attitude fit for the whole population of Dubai. A fake British accent can be heard as soon as they started talking to the receptionist about the vacation that they’re planning. They were then lead to an agent to assist them and they asked for a package to the Indian Ocean.

Agent: I can offer you Four Seasons Resort which is… (passenger interrupts)
Passenger: We’re business class passengers! Don’t give us Four Seasons Resort. We need a luxurious resort!!!

– by this time, they caught everyone’s attention in the office and we’re basically just listening now on their conversation. While the agent was searching for the “appropriate” luxury resort for the clients, the clients were talking nonstop how they have been dealing with our company all the time. We later found out that the last reservation that they’ve made with us was last 2007, to Bangkok. That was 6 years ago which I think is safe to say not “recent” and not “frequent” as they said.

If you want a luxury resort in Seychelles then you can either go to North Island or Fregate Island. Both are private islands turned into a luxury resort.
Passenger: How much is it?
Agent: AED22,000 per night

– you should have seen the look on their face trying to cover up the shock, priceless. To save face, they made the excuse that it’s just a short vacation and it’s really not worth paying that amount of money for such a short time so they asked for an alternative. The conversation went on and on with the passenger still having the incredible amount of attitude. For whatever reason, they ended up in a 5-star resort which is basically as good as Four Seasons. They left the office and came back after a few minutes:

Passenger: So you said the resort has a Stay for 4 and Pay for 3 promotion? So if we stay for 12 nights, then we get 3 nights free?
Agent: No, the promotion is only for a one time use during the whole duration of the stay.

– and then the inevitable happened

Passenger: The total cost you said is 80 thousand right? Can you make it 50 thousand?
Agent: 30 thousand dirhams discount????? That’s just…. impossible.

Lesson: Make sure that you can live up to the “luxurious” lifestyle that you claim to have before acting the part because it just might backfire and make you look incredibly silly when you ask for an unimaginable discount of 30 thousand dirhams. You’re buying a “luxurious” package as you have requested, not a fish by the kilo.

P.S. You may all think that it’s a big amount but it’s actually a pretty normal price for the kind of passengers that we deal with on a daily basis.


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