The busiest night of my life… (13Apr08)

“This is the busiest night of my life…”

That would be the understatement of the year. First of all, JUDGEMENT DAY – woo hoo!!!!! got it!!!!! Thanks to the pilot and his ever so supportive way of making me feel that everything will be ok and will turn out the way I wanted it to be. And if not for him, I wouldn’t have gotten it anyways. So my deepest gratitude to the pilot.

Flowers, i was surprised. it was the unexpected. First of all, I am not a flower-person. I hate receiving flowers specially in my workplace. That’s just too tacky/cheesy for me. And no, I won’t walk around with it. NEVER! The only time that I am ok receiving flowers is if I am on the stage after a ballet show. That’s just it. So upon hearing my name from a guy who’s got a bouquet of flowers in his hands “Where’s Noemi?”, I wanted to crawl under my table and never be seen forever. In front of everybody!!!! WTF???? But anyways, thanks Gavin… Well done! I swear I am going to shave your head next time we meet.

Celebration – dinner and drinks….. Too much! Wayyyyyyyy too much. Too much food, too much¬†drinks, too much information, too much of everything. I was practically floored and wasn’t able to raise my head up from the bar. This is just way tooooooooooo much! Was expecting this to happen but not tonight though. Not tonight, when I am vulnerable.

Eurotrip planning, went online and thankfully Kay, the uber gorgeous girl who will adopt me in Paris is online as well. The alcohol in my head is not doing me any good while she’s explaining to me which train to take from the airport. Hasted planning of eurotrip which will happen in 2 days. WTF???? I haven’t even packed yet. Thankfully, Kay and her hubby are willing to adopt me for 4 days. After that, I don’t know who will adopt me next. Haha!

Ok… so well…. Too much information still….. Wasn’t prepared to hear it tonight.

Just too much….. :p Nevertheless, ok naman ang lahat. haha!


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