Beautiful Pubs in The Cotswolds: The Black Horse Inn

The Black Horse Inn in Stroud has easily become my favourite pub during our Cotswold holiday. Breathtaking views, amazing food and extremely good service - what more can you ask for?

It was a lucky choice, I included The Black Horse Inn in our itinerary just because their website mentioned a beautiful view from their pub garden but I couldn’t really find any “good” photos of it. So after booking it, I just hoped that they weren’t lying or overselling the view. :p

The Black Horse Inn, Stroud, Cotswolds, England-100

As I was searching for nearby places for food around the area of Woodchester Valley Vineyard where we were staying for the night, I came across quite a few pubs. We’re not really fussed about where to eat but the most important thing for us is the outdoor seating area – it must have a good pub garden and if there’s a view, that’s an amazing bonus that we can’t refuse.

The Black Horse Inn, Stroud, Cotswolds, England-103

I saw some photos of The Black Horse during my research and while the view looks good, I didn’t really see any photos of it that made me say “Yes! That’s where we’re going”They should definitely hire someone to take updated and professional photos of their place to advertise it more. I’d gladly do it! Lol. 

The Black Horse Inn, Stroud, Cotswolds, England-103

We’ve made a reservation for 7:30pm but went there at around 2 in the afternoon for a mid-afternoon drink while waiting for our 3pm check-in time at the Woodchester Valley Vineyard. The lady at the bar was extremely kind and accommodating and immediately assisted us to our table. As we walked out to the pub garden, the view took my breath away! I mean look at that!

After taking so many photos, I finally joined the Greek Mister for a drink. We ordered online which is one of their covid-19 protocols to avoid physical contact with the staff. I must say that they do take it seriously here which was a bonus for us. After our drink, we left to check-in to our hotel and decided to have an early dinner instead of our original dinner reservation. We fell in love with Woodchester Valley Vineyard that we thought it would be best to spend our entire night there.

So we went back to The Black Horse Inn at around 5 in the afternoon hoping that they’ll have a table for us. Unfortunately it was raining at the time so we requested for an indoor table instead which they have immediately accommodated as long as we’ll finish our meal before the diner which the table was booked for arrives.

The Black Horse Inn, Stroud, Cotswolds, England-102

The husband ordered Hunter’s Chicken which got me confused as he’s not a big fan of barbecue sauce and the menu specifically mentions that the chicken is smothered with it. He said he liked it though, the chicken was juicy and tasty but he would’ve preferred for it to not have the sauce. He didn’t listen to me so that’s his fault. :p

Hunter's Chicken at The Black Horse Inn, Stroud, Cotswold, England

I, on the other hand, had the most glorious burger I’ve ever had! The meat patty had that grilled, charcoal-y taste that I love so much and it’s layered with mushroom as well as blue cheese. IT. WAS. AMAZING!!!!! The husband of course realized his mistake as soon as our dishes were served, he had food envy immediately towards my burger. I shared some of my burger with him. Just a bite. Lol.

Burger at The Black Horse Inn, Stroud, Cotswold, England

I wish this pub was our local, I envy the people who live around it. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend a visit to this place. If not for the food, the view will definitely make it worthwhile.

The Black Horse Inn

Littleworth, Amberley, Stroud GL5 5AL

We paid a total of £42 for our meal. 2 main courses and 6 drinks. This includes the #EatOutToHelpOut discount.

For more information, visit their website here.

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The Black Horse Inn, Stroud, Cotswold, England

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  • Vinneve September 14, 2020 at 11:04

    Lucky you! Nice places and yummy foods everywhere you go!

    • Pinay Flying High September 14, 2020 at 15:39

      We are indeed lucky here! But I bet you are too, 😉

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