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November 30, 2009

so my mom reads my blogs, how cool is that? i have been painstakingly copying, editing all the bad words i’m using and pasting the blog from wordpress to my multiply account which she have access to and it never occured to me that she’s been following my nonsense on this site. i found out about it when she told me that she printed my blog about her visiting me and showed it off to her friends (yes dear friends, she is a stage mother :p) and realized that i have not updated that blog yet to my multiply account. so yeah, my mom is a blog reader off from this site – hello mother!

yes of course it has the pros and cons when your parental unit is reading your blog, here’s how it is:

The Pros:
1. i don’t have to copy, edit and paste this blog to my multiply account anymore and saves me the hassle of doing all those things just to keep my mother updated what her little girl has been upto lately and so she can show it off to her friends in a timely manner.

2. my mother brought with her canned goods and the oversized sunglasses to fulfill some of my wishes on my birthday wishlist here and here. Meaning there is a greater possibility for my wishes to be fulfilled by my mom if I keep on writing wishlists on my blog which I know my mom can read. :p

3. i don’t have to rewrite everything when i send her an email.

The Cons:

1. i will have a bashing everytime i use vernaculars such as the F-word, the B-word, the A-hole-word and all the words which she thinks is not appropriate to use (even to some things/people which/who truly deserves it) as i was never raised that way. (right, so i was not raised in a funky and upclass neighborhood like Ayala Alabang or Forbes park but sure I was not raised in Tondo where people who’s got no guts to speak those words will die before they reach puberty – of course it’s just theoretical speaking).

2. i cannot blog about my dark side like how i have been an alcoholic since the crisis started, how i pimped my friends to the rich and glamourous people of Dubai for money, how i have been smoking joint for the past few days now to ease the stress that i’ve had due to work and of course i cannot blog about my weird and questionable taste in men. (hello to the boyfriend who i hope got tired of reading my blog). hmmmm…. true or not? you’ll never know. :p

but it’s all good, really… she’s accepted the fact that she failed to maneuver her youngest daughter to be prim and proper and everything dandy, but hands down – I. AM. THE. SWEETEST. DAUGHTER. anyone could ever have (specially in times of dire needs like say – financial crisis? :p)

no but seriously, i am a good daughter and sister (that is as per my oldest sister). :p i was never a problem child, the only problem that they’ve had with me was my weird liking to hospitals that i’m always in every single year. i was always sick as a kid, a sudden gush of wind will bring me down if i’m not holding onto something stuck to the ground like a lampost or a tree – yes, that’s how thin i was.

speaking of thin, i have been receiving a lot of comments about my current weight right now – yes i have gained weight, anyone who’s got a problem with that can go stick a pencil in their eye. the weight-gaining is a result of busy days at work thus turning to food for comfort. (that is the smartest excuse i can think of) but yeah, i have gained weight…. i’m just 2 cups of rice away from being obese…. I. NEED. TO. GO. ON. A. DIET. but not tonight, i have a bowl of brocolli and shrimps to finish….

speaking of brocolli and shrimps, yes i CAN cook now. armed with my mother’s recipes, my cookings are now (1.) edible; (2.) tasty and (3.) tastes like how they’re supposed to. long time ago, i cooked adobo (which is supposed to be the easiest Filipino cuisine to cook, hell no!!!!) and it tasted like “hamonado”. how’d i do it? i have no freaking idea. so anyway, i can get married now and not worry about my future kids and future husband eating take-aways or greasy fried stuff. at least i have one green leafy vegetable to serve them – broccolli, which we all know is not really as complicated as rocket science to know how to cook it.

speaking of marriage, i just have to ask this – will a bomb explode if i don’t get married before i reach 30? friends have been asking me when i will wear a white veil and walk down the aisle with about a hundred pairs of eyes on me with their mouths open waiting to be fed. to my dear friends who are about to commit social suicide this year and next – don’t drag me to your misery. i am blissfully living a fantastic life of a single, penniless woman. and the last time i checked, i am not yet ready to give up the freedom to collect and select. (hello boyfriend!)

speaking of the boyfriend, he’s going on vacation to his home country starting next week and won’t be back until after Christmas. So with Deny not around, KiKibells and Shamel together on a holiday – yours truly is adoptable on Christmas eve. Any house parties that I can grace with my presence, just let me know and i’ll be there before you can finish cooking dinner. I need to be fed on Christmas eve…. 🙂

Speaking of Christmas, holy crap it’s Christmas already??????

last year's christmas which felt like it happened just a few days ago...

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  • Reply Jacqueline Patrona December 14, 2009 at 06:31

    I also need to be adopted this Christmas.. 🙁 shamel and tarek will only celebrate it because of me but I have no freaking clue what to do.. so lonely 🙁

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