The big TWO NINE.

I don’t know about you but I really like celebrating my birthday with my friends. I like to party on my birthday, that’s the one day in a year that I would really love to go on the dancefloor and just dance until my feet hurts. I am not into the lame dinner under the stars and the whatnots, that’s not a celebration for me. A successful birthday celebration for me is to see my friends doing some crazy things, drunk and waking up the next day with just a hazy bit of memory to remind them of what happened the previous night. That and the photos. Well, I’d probably say that my celebration this year was a success.

I celebrated it at Jambase in Madinat Jumeirah. I must say that unlike in Warehouse, we were not taken cared of much in Jambase. LOL. However, they did give me a surprise cake after dinner, that was a good touch. I ordered jugs of bullfrogs which is my poison of choice for the night. A jug costs AED250 which serves 6 glasses, which isn’t that bad really if you compare it to ordering a glass which costs AED60. After a few glasses of it, we were definitely all over the place. (Tip: if you want to make your friends drunk, the fastest way is to serve a bullfrog :p) Anyway, it was a funtastic night. On top of that, I got most of the items from the wishlist including of course my friends dancing Gangnam style with me. :p

I leave you now with photos to prove that it was an epic night.








I look dazed in most, if not all, of the photos. It’s the bullfrog. :p


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