The Aquaventure Experience (too many bloopers :p)

They told me to never blog about something at the height of my emotions, but I just had to make an exception on this as i need to type every single detail of this trip. 🙂

I got home 5am on a Friday from our weekly weekend getaway at Barasti. I woke up at 10am because of this stupid body clock that i have which automatically makes me fully awake by 9 or 10 in the morning regardless of what time i went to sleep the night before. Anyway, so i went online and Deny and Mon were online as well and they were talking about going to Atlantis, the newly opened hotel here in Dubai with the huge water park inside. We’ve been planning to go there for the longest time and truly, the spur-of-the-moment plans are way way better than planning it days before. So we all agreed to go, together with other friends.

Arrived at Atlantis by around 12nn, parked the car, took a bus going to the Aquaventure, paid AED285 as entrance fee which includes the usage of all the facilities/rides inside the park. Additional charge for lockers (which we didn’t avail of and thankfully, none of our things got stolen). The park was huge. We were not able to see any vacant chairs around the vicinity of the pool area so we went to the beach area (which is not really a sight to behold as the beaches here in the UAE sucks big time) and left our things there. Haha.

Went on to take the water rapids and this was where the fun started for all of us. We had to take those inflatable buoys and let the water take you around the park with each their own unique rapid offers. Lots of tunnels and mini straits that we went thru, each with different speed, different water current, different waves etc. etc.

First boo boo was Mona’s. For some reason, we all managed to go thru the same speed at the same time which caused a major collision of our buoys and made mona’s buoy turn over in the middle of one of those rapids. The poor girl doesn’t know how to swim (I know right?), she cried out for help to the lifeguard who was just 3ft away from her at the top of her lungs. She was definitely panicking and was screaming “HELP ME!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!” (mind the stress of the capitalized letters and exclamation points) with all her might. The lifeguard however, was standing there with a confused and panicked look as well and was trying to say something to her. After a few seconds, she realized what the lifeguard was trying to say – the water was only 3-feet deep and that she can practically just stand up if she would just stop wailing her arms like crazy and calm down. So she stood up with her head held up high and bid farewell to the lifeguard who was still there, standing with a confused look at her. LOL.

After the rapids, we went on to try the water rides. First was a ride which will take you inside a very dark tube with all its twist and turns and low drops then at the end of the tube is the shark tank which literally puts you in an aquarium while the sharks swim around you. Of course you will be inside the tunnel and the glass will be your protective shield against these predators. Next ride we took had steeper drops and more twisty. I was wondering why the girls who were ahead of me didn’t scream at all at the start of this ride, when it was my turn i suddenly knew why. The drop was so steep that you won’t be able to scream ‘coz your jaws will be locked. LOL.

Then came the next boo boo, Deny’s. While inside one of the tunnels, Deny released her hold on the buoy that she’s in to wipe off the water from her face which in turn caused her to be thrown out of it. She was literally bumping her ass all around the tube. Luckily nothing serious happened to her BUT she caused a big stir in the whole park which made the operation of that specific ride stop for a good 15 minutes. They needed to get her out of the tube but of course, they first had to locate her. Hahahaha. Poor girl. I wonder what the park attendant was thinking when he saw and empty buoy out of the ride and there was noone on it. He must have had the shock of his life.

Then it was my turn – on the ride and the boo boo. After hearing that somebody fell off the ride because she released the hold on the buoy (we still didn’t know at that time that it was our friend Deny) – I held on too tight on it that not even the biggest wave can make me release my hold to it. I was freaking out and very nervous before the ride started and I had all the reason to be. It was wild!!!!! The water current brings you to a steep drop inside the tube then after the twists and turns – a very strong current will push you up again then another steep drop follows. It went on for about 3 times and I became more nervous when the current turned me backside-front. so everytime a drop comes, I will have my back towards it so I wouldn’t know how steep the drop will be till it happens. Oooooopf! I almost peed on my pants. In fact, I think I actually did. Hahaha. So anyway, at the end of each ride, a park attendant will pull your lifesaver out of the way so that you won’t collide with the next rider. However after this ride instead of pulling out my lifesaver, the park attendant did something else – he pulled down my bikini top and told me to fix it as the tie went lose and that was the time I realized that I’ve been flashing my boobs to everyone. Oh crap!!!!!!! As I didn’t let go of my hold on the lifesaver, i never noticed that my bikini top came lose. It was humiliating but oh well, I wouldn’t see them again anyway. Good thing that they don’t have one of those cameras which will automatically take your photo during a drop. LOL. We were told by the attendant later on that it always happens on that particular ride. Well, lucky him for being assigned on that area. Hahaha.

This is probably the most exciting day I’ve ever had here in Dubai. Thanks to Aquaventure and of course to the company I’m with.


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